A new movie is being filmed in Wirral by local actor and film producer, Andrew Games, and it’s set to be an absolute classic!

Due to be released later this year, Dandilicious is a film about a day in the life of a 1950s ‘Teddy Boy’ called Marty and takes the audience on a high adrenaline roller coaster ride through his life of fights, questionable morals and narcissism.

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This gripping and fascinating new movie delves into the 1950s ‘Teddy Boy’ subculture like never before and features an edgy soundtrack from the legendary band, Furious, who were awarded the UK Break-Out Band.

Think The Krays. Think Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Think Snatch. This ingenious debut feature film from APG Films is going to make headlines!

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Filmed in locations such as The Wirral Way, Port Sunlight and Hadlow Road train station, the film showcases super talented up and coming local actors such as Lew Freeburn, John Purcell, Jade Mark and many others.

Rather cleverly, the characters in the film represent politicians from the past and the present, displaying attributes such as greed, bigotry and narcissism.

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If you’re a fan of gritty dramas, gangster movies and the vintage 1950s rock and roll era then this captivating cult classic is definitely for you. Dandilicious also features a 1958 Ford Zephyr and transports the audience to a murky subculture that’s rarely been documented before.

The masterpiece has been in production since June 2018 and will be released later this year — being screened at local venues and film festivals before going on sale to the general public.

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The much anticipated debut from APG Films is due to make waves and send out a message to the world from the Merseyside movie industry.

Director, Andrew Games, has had previous success as an actor in productions such as Being KeeganBestBeat and The Diary of an Aryan Girl, but this new movie a bold venture that will have audiences from far and wide talking about it. Keep your eyes peeled as we keep you up to date with developments and announce screening dates and its release!

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