A work of art, a masterpiece, a dream — call it what you will, Neil Campbell’s latest creation, Faldum, is simply stunning! The Liverpool composer has excelled himself once again with a beautifully poignant and equally powerful new album oozing with strings and symphonies. Goosebumps springs to mind.

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The new nine track album (including the bonus track) has been almost three years in the making, following on from last year’s critically acclaimed The Great Escape. Indeed, it’s clear to see why the album has been so long in the making — with layer upon layer of orchestral beauty. Buckle up and be prepared for an emotional, heartstring pulling ride.

In addition to being an extremely talented guitar maestro and a favourite of BBC Radio 6 Music, Neil Campbell is an ingenious composer of the highest calibre and Faldum states that emphatically. Heavily constructed and painstakingly curated, this most excellent masterpiece brings music back to what it should be — an art form that touches the depths of the soul.

Check out this formidable album on BANDCAMP!

Faldum is based on Herman Hesse’s profound 1916 fairytale of the same name, set in a Swiss town where wishes are granted and chaos ensues — with a young violinist as the centre of the story wishing to play the most beautiful music. Aptly so, Campbell’s new album does exactly that and the first 10 minute track, Overture, sets the scene for an awe-inspiring journey.

Akin to Requiem For A Dream, Overture is a symphony of strings put together so masterfully — gripping the listener from the outset. An exquisite and dramatic work of art that mesmerises and captivates with every single sound — it wouldn’t be out of place in a multi-award winning movie. Awards are certainly deserved for this beautiful piece alone.

Check out this formidable album on BANDCAMP!

The eight tracks that follow all flow and fall into each other effortlessly, taking the listener on a spine-tingling trip of ultimate escapism. The second track, Faldum One, brings drums (courtesy of Jon Lawton’s expert programming) and electric guitar (courtesy of Neil Campbell, of course) into the mix and paired with the many layers of strings it makes for a fascinating remainder of the album.

Check out this formidable album on BANDCAMP!

As we traverse through Faldum Two, Three, Four, Five and Six, we experience a multitude of emotions and very deep, sensual and soft harmonies — and almost folk-like at times, spooky and haunting at others. We finish on The Mountain — a soft and poignant 16 minute delight that seems to fall back magnificently into the initial Overture track — and then finally the chimey and playful bonus track, The Wish.

Check out this formidable album on BANDCAMP!

If you’re a lover of music as an art form and appreciate the finer things rather than the computerised, talentless trash that’s spewed out of the mainstream system, then please do listen to this. Faldum is what music should be — something created meticulously and masterfully and to be enjoyed like a fine whisky or vintage wine.

Bravo, Neil, you’ve outdone yourself again! Huge applause for your top level production alongside Jon Lawton of Crosstown Studios and to the two incredibly talented string musicians you have collaborated with on this — Amy Chambers (violins) and Nicole Collarbone (cellos). Awards now, please, for all involved in this spellbinding creation. No superlatives can truly do this album justice — simply stunning.

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Check out this formidable album on BANDCAMP!

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