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Merseyside has a vibrant electronic music scene, from underground warehouse parties to huge sell-out events that attract some of the best DJs in the world. There’s also an abundance of amazingly talented local DJs and it’s something we like to shout about at La Vida Liverpool. La Vida Liverpool In The Mix is a series of exclusive mixes from some of Merseyside’s best DJs to celebrate our thriving scene and provide you with some delightful sounds for your listening pleasure. This mix is provided by Neil Craven.

Neil started DJing back in 1994 and has a deep knowledge of music. A true lover of music with an eclectic taste, Neil sees himself as a fan first and foremost and has only recently started getting himself out there properly as a DJ. Neil now plays regular sets at The Workshop in Waterloo, Your Disco Needs You in Manchester and parties at top Liverpool venues such as Constellations, 24 Kitchen Street and North Shore Troubador.

Neil is versatile as a DJ and can play a range of genres, from disco to soulful house to techno. His disco sets go down particularly well at the regular nights he plays. In this exclusive mix for La Vida Liverpool, his second mix for our online magazine, he delivers a masterful medley of house, disco, hip hop and 80s — truly something for everyone. If you’re looking for an ingenious journey through genres then this creation is for you!

For more on Neil Craven, check him out on MIXCLOUD or email him at  Enjoy….


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