Liverpool based singer/songwriter, Kellyann Lea, has recorded an album during lockdown and all the proceeds are to be donated to the Love Your Neighbour Food Bank campaign. Fresh Manna (A Testimony Through Song) is a nine track album, with an accompanying book for those who like to know the story behind the writer herself and her songs. It’s a story of a life changed through the discovery of Faith.

Check out the album and products on KellyAnn Lea’s WEBSITE!

Mastered by the legendary Mike Cave of Loft Studios, the album features collaborations with many local artists including Joe Topping (recently seen on The Voice) and concert pianist Lesley-Ann Geary. The album can be bought as a CD or as a download on Amazon Music, and the book behind the album is available as an e-book or in paperback.

Check out the album and products on KellyAnn Lea’s WEBSITE!

Kellyann explained: “This past year has been difficult for everyone, particularly with the lockdowns, so I started to donate to my local church’s food bank campaign at St James in the City. They responded to Covid to meet the emergency food needs of the city.”

“They need 25 volunteers every week to pick and deliver food parcels, partnering with nine local organisations ensuring food gets to the most vulnerable people in the city. This includes disadvantaged families and school children living in Poverty, or financial uncertainty, female sex workers and migrant women in need of food support, people living in areas of extreme deprivation and those experiencing homelessness and in recovery from addiction.”

“They also provide other food banks, donating 2 tonnes of food to the Trussel Trust food bank, partnering with The Florrie community centre in Toxteth to provide hot meals and food parcels as well as Micah food bank set up by Liverpool Cathedral. Every week they provide 7,000 meals all across the city of Liverpool. They’re funding goal is to keep the project sustainable until December 2021. You can help by buying an album!”

Check out the album and products on KellyAnn Lea’s WEBSITE!

Kellyann set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to make the album a possibility and her friends and family supported her, as she matched their donations pound by pound. She says: “The budget was tight, so I turned my wardrobe in a vocal recording booth! Where there is a will there is a way! Making good use of the time in lockdown, I brought in some incredible local musicians, using the expertise of Mike Cave to master it.”

The beautiful nine track album is the debut album for this singer/songwriter who has been active in our local music scene for the past 20 years. Her previous achievements have included touring with John O’Connell and the Simply Dylan band and performing with Ian McNabb of the Icicle Works. Kellyann has sang alongside many of the most loved Cavern Club bands and was honoured to be in Micky Dolenz’s band to celebrate The Monkees’ 50th Anniversary tour during International Beatles week.

Check out the album and products on KellyAnn Lea’s WEBSITE!

Kellyann has always loved to sing and has enjoyed performing with a whole host of amazing musicians, but now she says this album is a whole different thing. She explains: “Sharing a lifetime of music whilst also sharing my amazing journey of finding Faith is something I’m really excited about — I really hope that together we can all give to these amazing food banks, and all whilst we are enjoying great music! This album is for everybody!”

She continued: “The work my church does with Micah Food Bank and The Florrie is so inspiring and they have helped thousands of people during this past year. I’m hoping that all the sales from the album will raise lots of money so that this amazing project can continue to help the people of South Liverpool.”

Check out the album and products on KellyAnn Lea’s WEBSITE!

The album and the book are available to buy on Kellyann’s website and available as downloads or physical copies. We all have a real opportunity here to purchase beautiful music whilst helping a great cause in the process. A truly wonderful initiative and quite possibly the first of many charitable albums from a very talented local singer/songwriter.

Check out the album and products on KellyAnn Lea’s WEBSITE!

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