For those of us without respective partners it can be an exhausting few weeks leading up to Valentine’s day. Buried in even more questions than usual about our love life, young women have to deal with a lot. It can be overwhelming trying to balance it all and deal with images of grossly oversized teddy bears being marketed as if they are suddenly the answer to all our problems.

So, you might not be expecting any presents this Valentine’s but it doesn’t mean you can’t buy any for yourself, because quoting Ru Paul: “If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” Here’s another list of things to wear from me and this may well be the best yet….

1. Classic button-up shirt: £20, Black with red hearts, Monki

Don’t pretend you don’t like this blouse and want it immediately, because I just won’t believe you. Effortlessly cool, chic and a little bit fun, the brand Monki always delivers.

Check it out HERE

2. Logo Tape Tote Bag: £37.50, Lazy Oaf

Admit it, relationships take work and they also take time, money and emotionally energy. Be proud to be lazy in love because it means not shaving your legs constantly and as it is winter that can only be a good thing.

Check it out HERE

3. Bear Logo Print Swimsuit: £190, Moschino

The only teddy bear you need is a Moschino teddy bear — it lasts forever, makes you look good and you won’t have your face buried in it crying your eyes out one day.

Check it out HERE

4. Stan Smith Shoes: £74.95, Adidas

Stan Smith the shoe that is more than a shoe, now has a love heart edition, dress up or dress down, ether way this is not a fashion piece this is an investment and who better to invest in than yourself.

Check it out HERE

5. Rose Embroidered Bra: £18.00 Briefs £7.00, Accessorize

Delicate and bold this red and pink rose set is sexy and fun, with no underwire to hold you back. Having a matching set is one of the best feelings, dancing in the mirror just got an upgrade and to think they thought we wore lingerie for them.

Check it out HERE

This week it’s uber important not to feel guilt by putting yourself first and looking good whilst doing so is the best way to celebrate single life in all its glory. For the best possible outcome go shopping with some Galfriends, it’s Galentines day!

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