La Vida Liverpool attended the album launch of Liverpool’s charismatic Jimmy Coburn at the Cavern Club and what an event it was! The indie artist, who has made a name for himself as a John Lennon act, has released his latest solo album, Waterloo Key, and it’s already receiving widespread praise.

Jimmy showcased the new album to a packed Cavern Live Lounge and we were treated to a sequence of uplifting, positive and powerful summer songs with guitars in full effect. Guests included Julia Lennon, sister of John, and Jimmy and his band revelled in the much deserved stardom. The Sunday night event was sponsored by Michael Franks, Liverpool’s exciting new salon brand, and was a great reminder of the abundance of musical talent we have in this great city.

Jimmy’s career up to this point has been coated in great acclaim. His first band, The Blue Meanies, were a talented outfit and once shared a stage with Sir Paul McCartney before he set up The Cavern Club Beatles with his brother Tony in 2012.

With Jimmy as the legendary John, this Beatles band went on to hold a weekend residency at The Cavern Club (one they still hold today) and have performed globally including in New York and Miami to celebrate 50 years since The Beatles landed in America. As John, he has performed on Broadway and has been heralded as the closest sounding artist to John Lennon by John’s sister Julia.

On the night of the album launch we were treated to a talk from Julia Lennon herself, once again citing Jimmy’s praises, following a great support performance from Scott Beckett. Jimmy’s new solo album, Waterloo Key, is about the place he moved to, life and circumstances — with that endearing raw local influence. Jimmy and his band clearly enjoyed themselves on stage as they belted out new tracks such as ‘Over The Water’ and ‘Outside My Window’ — with powerful lyrics and contagious energy.

Visiting the Cavern Club after so many years came with mixed emotions. At first, guilt hit me as it felt like a crime to have not visited the iconic venue in so many years. Secondly, it felt extremely nostalgic walking down to the basement of the venue — realising that these were the very steps that The Beatles had walked down countless times in yesteryear. I was, for a moment, taken back decades as I imagined hordes of colourfully dressed characters rushing past me down the steps — all eager to get a glimpse of the Fab Four in action. Inside, the club was full of modern day people — all enjoying the same nostalgia as I — and countless tourists basking in the glory of being there.

The Cavern Live Lounge was all about Jimmy though. The area had been reserved for his much anticipated album launch and was buzzing with energy and excitement. It’s really refreshing when an act comes along and has that classic indie sound whilst adding their own local influence. Jimmy Coburn is a proper Scouse songwriter and through his lyrics you can truly feel his emotion and where he is coming from — music you can relate to, as they say.

The night culminated in a performance from the wonderful Amanda Brown & The Common Ears, whilst fans and press gathered around Jimmy for new album signatures, photographs and praise. The event sponsors, Michael Franks, were present too — offering attendees 50% off at their salon. Michael Franks are Liverpool’s new, exciting hair salon and have been doing amazing things in terms of style in the city. Keep an eye open for these guys as they have exciting plans to take the city by storm!

Following the album launch, La Vida Liverpool caught up with Jimmy to ask him some questions….

LVL: So, other than the album launch, what have you been up to recently?

Jimmy: Pretty much rehearsing with the band for the album. Also doing the Cavern Club shows with The Cavern Club Beatles every Friday and Saturday. Pretty much that really — there hasn’t been time for much else haha!

LVL: What’s the new album all about?

Jimmy: It’s about a number of things really — mainly about life, circumstances and change and my recent move to Waterloo Key over the Mersey. The move there inspired me to write music and that’s what it’s about.

LVL: Describe the album in 3 words….

Jimmy: Uplifting. Positive. Exciting.

LVL: What’s your favourite track off the album and why?

Jimmy: Probably Outside My Window or Second To No-one, it’s a hard one. They’re both uplifting and have a lot of get up and go. They’re both really positive tracks with loads of drive.

LVL: What’s it like playing at the Cavern Club?

Jimmy: It’s fantastic, I just can’t describe it, I mean The Beatles played there! The experience when you get up on stage for the first time is like ‘WOW’ — it makes you feel like The Beatles, you know.

LVL: Where can we catch you playing next?

Jimmy: The Cavern Club every Friday and Saturday with The Cavern Club Beatles — we’ll continue doing our Beatles show. Plus we’re going to be getting some dates together to gig the new album loads more too.

LVL: What are your plans for 2019 and the future?

Jimmy: We’re going to America next year, in February, with The Cavern Club Beatles so that’s going to be one hell of an experience — I’ve loved playing in the U.S in the past. Also, we’re looking to land a record deal with my original stuff so looking forward to 2019 for sure!


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