Here at La Vida Liverpool we love a challenge and have recently taken on eating challenges at Red Dog Saloon and Yard & Coop.

In this feature, we embark on a healthier type of eating challenge — one month of the Rossi & Rossi meal prep diet. Will it work and will we see some positive changes to my body and mind? Join me on my journey….

Why the need to change?

As Editor of La Vida Liverpool, I’ve been living a super busy life and there’s rarely been enough hours in the day! I was also the victim of a horrific car crash last year when a drink driver hit us, so hadn’t been able to exercise properly.

With hours in front of the laptop each day, little exercise and a poor diet and lifestyle, it was a recipe for disaster.

I had put on weight and it was noticeable. I was always tired. I was speaking to a friend about my desire to make some positive changes in my life and they asked me what I’d been eating recently — the scary thing is I couldn’t tell them.

I was aware that I wasn’t eating great and snacking on crisps and chocolate regularly but most shockingly, I was just literally consuming things without thinking. It was time to be more conscious.

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(Above: before the Rossi & Rossi diet — read on to see the after diet photo!)

Why Rossi & Rossi?

We contacted Rossi & Rossi as we had published a feature on them last year and know how good they are. Founded in 2016 by award winning chef, Joe Rossi, Rossi & Rossi are a quality meal prep business based on the Wallasey dock road.

They supply fresh, healthy, nutritious, restaurant standard food with interesting twists for those who may not have the time or knowledge to provide themselves with it, with a menu that changes every 2 weeks to keep things interesting!

They’ve supplied to the likes of Tranmere Rovers, Champion boxer Sean ‘Masher’ Dodd and Merseyside Police and have an advanced knowledge of nutritious ingredients.

Following phenomenal local success, they now deliver nationwide from their large industrial premises. They have an offer of 20% off your first order and free nationwide delivery on meal plans!

They have also just launched with Just Eat so can deliver locally 7 days a week. With the aim of changing the world one meal at a time, Rossi & Rossi have been doing amazing things locally to help people live better, healthier lives and now they’re taking things to the next level. When it comes to living well, these guys are the ones to turn to.

Check out the Rossi & Rossi MENU!

Week 1

Thursday: Berry Blast smoothie, Spaghetti Bolognese, chocolate brownie

Friday: Watermelon juice, flapjack; Katsu Chicken Noodles with steamed greens and chick pea curry sauce, carrot and apple juice; flapjack, BBQ Chicken with cajun sweet potato and broccoli

Saturday: Lemon & Rosemary Chicken Pesto Spaghetti with kale and red pepper sauce

Sunday: King Prawn Pathia curry with quinoa; Mongolia No Beef with vermicelli noodles

Monday: Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie, Katsu Chicken Noodles with steamed greens and chick pea curry sauce

Tuesday: Cheat day! We’re running a feature on Hope & Smoke restaurant so I went and had chicken wings and lamb.

Wednesday: Firecracker Meatballs with oriental noodles, broccoli and sweet and sour sauce; Popcorn Chicken with vermicelli noodles and steamed greens

Diary: Well, an interesting first week! It felt strange making a note of everything I was eating after previously just consuming on impulse for pure pleasure.

Rossi & Rossi have Wellness, Low Carb and Vegan ranges of meals along with delicious supplement snacks and drinks — everything I tried that week was genuinely amazing and the meals are microwavable within 4 minutes.

Whether it was a placebo effect or not I’m not sure, but after just a few days I started to feel better with more energy. I think the fact that I knew I was doing something healthy and positive helped me and I was determined to change my attitude towards my diet.

There were moments I craved chips when others were eating them and the time I drove past KFC, but other than a work related cheat day I stood strong.

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Week 2

Thursday: King Prawn Pathia curry with black rice; Katsu Chicken with vermicelli noodles, steamed greens and chick pea curry sauce

Friday: Mongolian No Beef with vermicelli noodles, brownie, peanut butter smoothie

Saturday: Mongolian No Beef with vermicelli noodles

Sunday: Cheat day! Although a healthy cheat day — my partner had made a green beans and vegetable stew from fresh ingredients that was delicious!

Monday: Cheat day! Again, I had my partner’s healthy stew.

Tuesday: Popcorn Chicken, brownie; Popcorn Chicken

Wednesday: Teriyaki Chicken with oriental noodles and steamed greens, brownie, Berry Blast juice

Diary: Week 2 saw me go and collect my second batch of meals, drinks and snacks. Nationwide delivery is available but they’re conveniently located so I just collected them myself on the way home from the office.

This week was particularly groundbreaking for me. I began to really see a shift in my mentality towards food and I had no desire for chocolate and rubbish food — even when I cheated it was healthy.

By the end of the second week I was feeling more energetic and a coupe of people commented that I had more colour in me and looked healthier.

Running this online magazine is like having three jobs rolled into one and it demands so much work, but I was finding myself to be more productive with this improved diet and lifestyle. I was still having a drink at the weekend but I was cutting down greatly as my attitude was changing to this aspect too.

Check out the Rossi & Rossi WEBSITE!

Week 3

Thursday: Teriyaki Chicken with oriental noodles and steamed greens, brownie, Green Cleanser juice

Friday: Energy bombs; Beetroot & Feta salad; Vegan Bombay Potato curry and back rice

Saturday: Flapjack; Smokey Chicken Cowboy Chilli with quinoa

Sunday: Vegan Roast Flat Mushrooms & Pesto Tagliatelle with kale & roast red pepper sauce

Monday: Seared Tuna Steak with vermicelli noodles & mango salsa, brownie

Tuesday: Cheat day! We ran a feature on Yard & Coop that required me to eat a large chicken burger — a bad cheat but business related.

Wednesday: Seared Tuna Steak with vermicelli noodles & mango salsa, brownie

Diary: Rossi & Rossi change their menu regularly and this week I enjoyed some new dishes. I received more positive comments from people — notably about me looking like I’d lost weight and had more colour in my skin.

There’s no question that this diet was starting to have a really positive impact on the way I felt and looked. I began to exercise and get out more and I was reducing my alcohol consumption — along with a healthy, nutritious diet, I was truly beginning to change.

Check out the Rossi & Rossi MENU!

Week 4

Thursday: Vegan Bombay Potato curry with black rice

Friday: Salmon Fishcakes with steamed greens & sriracha sauce, Balance juice

Saturday: Katsu Chicken with vermicelli noodles, steamed greens and chick pea curry sauce; Cheat day! Went to Parkgate and had southern fried chicken wrap.

Sunday: Hawaiian Meatballs; Vegan Panang curry

Monday: Hawaiian Meatballs

Tuesday: Seared Oats; Smokey Chicken Cowboy Chilli with quinoa

Wednesday: Slow Cooked Beef Brisket with sweet potato mash and beef sauce; Thai Yellow Chicken curry and black rice

Diary: Another week of the Rossi & Rossi meal prep diet and I was feeling even better. In fact, I was feeling healthier, more energetic and in better shape than I had for a long time.

The varied and ever evolving menu kept me interested in the diet and eating these meals became the norm. It was like I’d exchanged my bad unconscious diet for a good, healthy and conscious diet — and I was definitely reaping the benefits.

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The Results

There’s no question that the Rossi & Rossi meal prep diet has had profound effects and benefits! I look and feel better — more colour in my skin and more energy with lots of compliments from people.

Before the Rossi & Rossi diet I was a 38″ waist and now I’m a 36″ waist! With the additional energy I’ve been exercising more and taking steps to reduce the negative things I’ve been doing to myself.

Most significantly, I’ve changed my mindset. For the first time in my life, I’ve actually been conscious about what I’m consuming!

In order for change to happen, it requires the awareness and the motivation to change. At first it may be difficult but once you take that first step and turn bad habits into good habits, change will happen and you’ll start to see the benefits.

Check out the Rossi & Rossi WEBSITE!

Check out the Rossi & Rossi MENU!

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