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Are you looking for something fun and different to do in Liverpool? Sugar & Dice board game cafe, situated in The Baltic Triangle HERE, is a fantastic option — with hundreds of games to play and for sale and quality food and drink available. Here we bring you 5 reasons to visit this amazing place and why we love it!

Check out the website and online shop HERE! Book online HERE!

The games

Sugar & Dice stocks hundreds of games! They have the classics of course, from Scrabble to Chess, but if you want to build the best bear park, make your millions betting on a camel race, or even save the world from a deadly virus (seriously, Pandemic is a big hit) – then this is the place to go! Did you know there are over 3,000 new board games released each year?

Open 6 days a week, Sugar & Dice works by paying £2 per person per hour (capped at £6) for unlimited play of games and it’s an ideal way of discovering new games and trying them before you buy them. With the games constantly revolving, there’s something fun or strategic for everyone!

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The nostalgia

Whether you’re looking to play a classic game or discover a new favourite, there’s something special and nostalgic about sitting down and playing a game with someone. Leave your mobile phone in your pocket and instead do something interactive, challenging and fun — just like the good old days before technology took over.

Check out the website and online shop HERE! Book online HERE!

The food and drink

At Sugar & Dice you can enjoy quality food and drink from local suppliers. You can enjoy tasty scouse, pies, toasties and more, with a big focus on veggie and vegan options, and they offer delicious home baked cakes and brownies (the brownies are absolutely gorgeous by the way). There’s a great range of tea, coffee, beers, gins and other spirits too. Why not put a bit of Baileys in your hot chocolate for a treat?

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Get your kids using their brains

With many children now addicted to television and the internet, there’s no better way to keep your children engaged and occupied whilst using their brains than playing board games. Board games are excellent for developing your little one’s critical thinking skills and dexterity skills, all whilst getting some much needed social engagement.

Sugar & Dice has games for children aged 2 years onwards – with special times focused on the little ones so they can develop their skills and make some new friends – as can their parents! The beauty is that they learn and develop whilst having fun. If you have a dog feel free to bring them too as it’s dog friendly!

Check out the website and online shop HERE! Book online HERE!

Mental health and psychotherapy

Studies have shown that playing board games can improve mental health in many ways — from helping with dementia to combatting loneliness. Owner Rachel Button can certainly attest to this as board games helped her combat mental health problems and now a psychotherapeutic counsellor and trainee psychotherapist, she uses board games as part of her therapy techniques when treating clients.

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Why we love Sugar & Dice….

There’s so much to love about this amazing board game cafe! If you’re looking for something fun and alternative to do in the city, then get yourself down to this awesome place and check out the abundance of cool games and quality food and drink. We love this place and what they’re doing to keep alive the nostalgia and magic of board games!

Sugar & Dice / 33 Cornhill, Liverpool, L1 8DP / 0151 709 4215

Check out the website and online shop HERE! Book online HERE!

Check out Sugar & Dice on FACEBOOK!

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