It’s football, it’s comedy, it’s one Merseyside fan’s battle against being taken to the cleaners! Based on the best-selling book by Peter Farrell, award-winning director Mike Howl’s fantastic new comedy play Give The Fans Sweet FA kicks off at Liverpool’s Royal Court Studio from November 20th – 24th. Be prepared for a hilarious night as one fed-up football fan comes up with a madcap and audacious plan to protest the extortionate ticket prices by bunking in to every premiership stadium in the country – using almost any means necessary including disguising himself as a player! Unlike a trip to the match, tickets to this event are just £15 each and are available here.

Set in 1992 as the new Premier League season is just beginning, this side-splitting comedy follows a one-man mission of daring, adventure and cunning, poking fun at the footballing establishment, a real must for football fans and comedy-lovers alike! Mike Howl, the veteran Liverpool-based director of Give The Fans Sweet FA has a string of directing credits to his name, including his hugely popular sell-out shows More Scouse, Saddam? and Cammell Lairds 37: The Truth, so this promises to be a cracking evening of entertainment — your chance to join in the protest and have a laugh at the same time!

The show is in most part live performance, but also has some filming included — filmed around various parts of Merseyside. Hilarious and at times even heart-breaking, this remarkable true story brings the audience on a captivating journey of protest, sheer bloody cheek and breath-taking determination to expose the disrespect being shown to fans. Will our man succeed? You’ll have to get your tickets to find out before the final whistle sounds on this footballing spectacular in the relaxed, informal space of the new Royal Court Studio.

Set out in cabaret-style with a brand new bar area situated underneath the main Royal Court Theatre, a gorgeous art deco space recently renovated as the Royal Court Studio, this is the perfect spot for some top quality entertainment, the ideal venue for Mike Howl’s footballing comedy that will have you roaring with laughter! Give The Fans Sweet FA is at the Royal Court Studio Theatre from November 20th – 24th. Tickets are £15 each and with some nights already sold out and tickets going fast, there is limited availability, so it is highly recommended that you reserve yours now for this must-see show!

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Images Courtesy of Mike Howl, Mark Snow and the Royal Court Theatre

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