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Oh so often we hear about Liverpool’s thriving music scene and the abundance of fantastic live music events on offer throughout the region. It’s important to remember, however, that there’s a flourishing grass roots theatre scene and we were reminded of this wonderfully courtesy of The Killer’s Conscience at The Black E.

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We attended on Saturday 26th March and it was our first time at The Black E — the incredible building and arts venue located just at the top of China Town. The production was being showcased by City Theatre — a group led by Barry Levy that’s been doing great things to nurture local acting — and we were keen to see this production due to the powerful story behind it.

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The Killer’s Conscience was the debut production of playwright Joe Gordon who had written the play during lockdown, whilst suffering from mental health issues. A psychological thriller, it tells the story of Sean Knight — a games shop worker from Liverpool with a history of childhood bullying, social anxiety and low self esteem.

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A gripping play about mental health, guilt and dealing with extreme situations, The Killer’s Conscience takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster — exploring the depths of humanity and the reality of mental health. A modern day murder mystery set in Liverpool with relatable characters, The Killer’s Conscience is a clever play with some fascinating twists.

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Right from the off we were taken deep inside the lives of the characters, with some great humour to complement the interesting relationships between them. Lead role Louis Cashin-Harris did a fantastic job of making us feel very sorry for the main character Sean — with the world seemingly against time and many people treating him badly.

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Playwright Joe Gordon starred as Sean’s nemesis, Lewis, and portrayed the evil character masterfully — with smarmy and manipulative behaviour that really evoked emotion from the audience. The entire cast, in fact, personified their characters brilliantly — each with their own unique personality.

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The production was an emotional rollercoaster and built up to a crescendo in an ingenious manner — with the tension building up to the dramatic event and the audience fully behind the main character. A fantastic performance from all involved, including the backstage team and Carly Fisher — the debut Director behind the production.

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The Killer’s Conscience was one of the first productions of the season for City Theatre — with some exciting productions ahead. Coming up on 27th May is Bow & Arrow: The Ghosts Of Sherwood, an adult comedy musical at The Epstein Theatre. A triumph for the local grass roots theatre scene, The Killer’s Conscience is another credit to City Theatre.

The Killer’s Conscience / 25th & 26th March 2022 / The Black E, 1 Great George Street, Liverpool, L1 5EW

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Full Cast: Sean (Louis Cashin-Harris), Elliot (Leo Hewitson), Isiah (Johnny Sedgewick-Davies), Lewis (Joe Gordon), Toni (Elle Smith), Charlie (Demi Wilson), Darrius (John Ball), Max (Leanne Cooney), DI Amy Peters (Viki Steadman), Sargent Bianca Johnson (Anna Chan), The Man (Kieran Foster)

Written by: Joe Gordon

Directed by: Carly Fisher

Produced by: Barry Levy (City Theatre)

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