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Merseyside has a vibrant electronic music scene, from underground warehouse parties to huge sell-out events that attract some of the best DJs in the world. There’s also an abundance of amazingly talented local DJs and it’s something we like to shout about at La Vida Liverpool. La Vida Liverpool In The Mix is a series of exclusive mixes from some of Merseyside’s best DJs to celebrate our thriving scene and provide you with some delightful sounds for your listening pleasure. This mix is provided by Martijn Van Der Voort.

Wirral based Martijn Van Der Voort has years of experience playing in clubs and bars in the UK, Germany, Belgium and his native Netherlands. He’s been an avid music collector since 1989, when he travelled to various European countries to buy records for himself and the record shop he worked at, Forbidden Planet, in his birthplace of Leiden, Netherlands. That record store attracted music greats to come in for their music and had its own label that produced a string of underground hits — inspiring Martijn to DJ in the process.

Thousands of hours of record digging has resulted Martijn creating versatile sets that go across the spectrum of electronic music and beyond. “I don’t care about trends or hypes and just try bring you great music ranging from ambient to house, disco to techno. No nonsense. Let the music do the talking”. In this second exclusive mix for La Vida Liverpool, Martijn has once again put something creative together — exploring various genres and playing around with different styles. Enjoy!

Check out Martijn Van Der Voort on MIXCLOUD and check out FORBIDDEN PLANET RECORDS

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