La Vida Liverpool loves to celebrate the abundance of talented music artists that Liverpool and the North West has to offer. We enjoy shouting about the wonderful diversity on our doorstep and the many different styles and genres available from guitarists, vocalists, beatbox artists, rappers and more. In this feature article, we bring you Nando Rose.

Nando Rose came to Liverpool from Lisbon, Portugal, in 2012 — searching for inspiration and with the aim of starting a music career singing in English. Like many music artists, he knew that Liverpool was the perfect city to develop his music career — rich in music and culture. For the past few years he’s been working supporting his family whilst writing songs and lyrics in English — this has led him to release his first EP called ‘Freedom Scream’, consisting of 6 original songs.

Nando was born in 1982 in Lisbon and at 12 years of age started playing the guitar — since that moment music became the love of his life. He had many bands, mainly punk and thrash metal, but at some point of his life he realised he needed something else. That’s when the idea of starting a solo career came about and he decided to travel to Liverpool to find himself as a musician.

With the ability to make his guitar cry and scream, a deep powerful classic rock voice and strong, passionate and inspirational lyrics, Nando certainly has the ability to go far. Akin to classic rock groups like Metallica, Nando delivers substance and a technically spot on sound from the bottom of the heart — a true force of nature and when listening to the recordings it’s difficult to believe that it’s not a full band creating such energy. With his beautiful back story, coming to Liverpool in pursuit of his dreams, there’s much to like about this man and here at La Vida Liverpool we wish him all the very best!

We caught up with Nando for a little Q&A:

LVL: So, what have you been up to recently?

Nando: Recently I’ve released my first EP and 2 music videos — Freedom Scream and Destiny. I recently had a launch gig at Cafe Porto in Liverpool with a full band. Other than that I’ve been doing open mics and busking in Liverpool, Manchester and Warrington.

LVL: What’s the new EP all about?

Nando: It’s about fighting for your goals and pursuing your dreams. All about positive messages and going for it in life.

LVL: What’s Lisbon like?

Nando: There’s are many similarities to Liverpool. It’s by the river like here and it’s rich in culture and history. The music scene is good but not as good as Liverpool — it’s more electronic, more the DJ scene and dance music.

LVL: What do you think of Liverpool and how have you found it here?

Nando: I love Liverpool and am so glad I came here. Everyone really kind and helpful. I came because of The Beatles, the music scene, the history, the culture. I was supposed to be here a year but I’ve been here 8 years now and I love it!

LVL: Where can we see you play?

Nando: To be honest I’ve been focusing on my new EP and making the videos but I’m planning loads of gigs and festivals for 2019 so watch this space. I can perform solo acoustic, with a bassist or with a full band, so I’m quite versatile for live gigs — I’m looking forward to some more gigs locally this year.

LVL: What are your plans for 2019 and the future?

Nando: I’m mainly planning on sharing my music and promoting my music, but I am planning gigs and festivals in England and I have my EP launch event in Portugal coming up soon too.

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