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House and tech house legend Danny Howells is set to grace Liverpool’s WAV nightclub for Motion’s showcase on Sat 20th November. The incredible event also features titans Dave Seaman, Steve Parry, Bushwacka and organiser Prudence and is donating a percentage of ticket sales to the local #Endthestigma men’s mental health campaign. Here we talk to the UK’s godfather of house music about his career, the event and mental health….

For tickets to the event CLICK HERE!

LVL: Danny, it’s great to have you play in Liverpool again! When was the last time you played in Liverpool? What has it been like DJing in Liverpool over the years?

DANNY: It was a few years back now I think, New Year’s Eve. I’ve been coming to Liverpool for so long now and the earliest gigs of real note were those crazy Alderaan nights at Lemon Lounge. It’s always been brilliant, amazing crowds and a pleasure to visit.

For tickets to the event CLICK HERE!

LVL: What can we expect from you on the night? What kind of set can we look forward to?

DANNY: No gimmicks, just the best music I can lay my hands on, played (hopefully!) in the best manner possible.

For tickets to the event CLICK HERE!

LVL: As you know, this special event is in support of the local #Endthestigma men’s mental health campaign. What are your experiences with mental health issues?

DANNY: On a personal level I’ve only ever dealt with episodes of anxiety caused by exhaustion due to travel and not taking proper care of myself. Prior to that I worked for 10 years in an acute psychiatric ward which was an experience I won’t forget. I think I learned a lot from that and it was a real eye opener for me as I really knew nothing about mental health prior to that despite a family member having terrible problems.

For tickets to the event CLICK HERE!

LVL: As a DJ and the fast paced lifestyle it brings, mental health must be an important issue. Do you think there’s enough awareness or DJs get enough support when it comes to mental health?

DANNY: It’s a long time since my career involved a fast paced lifestyle, but when I was a lot busier I think I was lucky in the sense that I was always able to say if I felt I was doing too much. I doubt there is proper support, as evidenced by what happened to Avicci just a few years back, but hopefully there is less of a stigma associated with mental health now because it’s something that affects so many people.

For tickets to the event CLICK HERE!

LVL: You’ve been doing big things for over 30 years now and you’ve had such a fantastic career. Looking back on your career so far, what are your biggest achievements?

DANNY: Maybe my biggest achievement isn’t something like a gig or compilation etc, but the fact I was able to make a career out of something I was so passionate about. I was never very ambitious or very confident so I do feel very lucky to have been able to do what I’ve done over the last few decades.

For tickets to the event CLICK HERE!

LVL: What would you say are the most memorable events you’ve DJ’d at?

DANNY: There are so many really. The early gigs at Bedrock in Hastings and London, the marathon sets across North America in places like New York and Miami, the warmth of the crowds in places like Argentina and so on. There really are too many to mention!

For tickets to the event CLICK HERE!

LVL: And finally, following this epic Liverpool event what are your plans for 2022?

DANNY: Like every year I have no big plans. I just see what crops up and then crack on! I like keeping it simple and as stress-free as possible.

For tickets to the event CLICK HERE!

Danny Howells is coming to Liverpool on Saturday 20th November for Motion’s showcase at WAV, also featuring Dave Seaman, Steve Parry and Bushwaka. Tickets start at £17 and can be bought via Skiddle or on the door, with a percentage of tickets sales going towards the local #Endthestigma men’s mental health campaign.

Motion Presents Danny Howells, Dave Seaman, Steve Parry, Bushwacka & Prudence / Saturday 20th November from 9pm / WAV, 8 Glegg Street, Liverpool

For tickets to the event CLICK HERE!



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