A fascinating new podcast has been launched by Liverpool music legend Ian Prowse. The Amsterdam and Pele frontman has teamed up with former BBC Merseyside boss Mick Ord and The Baltic Triangle’s Russell Gannon to produce a thought provoking series of shows that explore the stories behind music.

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The exciting development comes after the singer/songwriter was recently inducted into The Cavern Club’s iconic Wall Of Fame, rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in the industry. The new podcast will provide listeners with a unique insight into his illustrious career, whilst investigating some intriguing topics.

The first episode sees Prowse and Ord delve into the history of protest music across the globe, investigating the soundtracks behind revolutions across the globe including Northern Ireland, South Africa and Nicaragua. Dipping in and out of influential songs and compelling conversation, it highlights the power of music to bring about change.

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Having performed alongside the likes of The Pogues and close friend Elvis Costello, Prowse brings a wealth of expertise and an abundance of stories to the podcast. With the intelligence of former BBC Merseyside boss Mick Ord bouncing off Prowse’s quick wit, the shows offer listeners a gripping and thought provoking experience.

Here we talk to Ian about the new podcast and his recent Cavern Club Wall Of Fame award….

LVL: So, in essence, what is the new podcast all about?

Ian: Music, music, music. Not only have I been playing and writing music for 35 years, I’ve been talking about it even longer. You get to my age and you know a lot of information in your specialist field, so let’s talk about it with like minded people and fellow obsessives.

LVL: How did you come up with the idea of the podcast and why?

Ian: It was Mick’s idea. He contacted me with a lose plan to talk about all aspects of music. That immediately opens the door to recording, lyrics, definitions, youth tribes, clothes, socio-political thought, it’s endlessly fascinating to me.

LVL: What kind of subject and special guests can we expect?

Ian: We’ve began with those closest to my heart, the art of protest music, what it is and where it comes from, is it effective? We’ve also discussed a specific artist, Shane McGowan, which opens the door for me to talk about my beloved Ireland, and of course Shane is as frustrating as he has been brilliant.

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 LVL: Other than this new project what else have you been up to?

Ian: We’re just about to finish a brand new LP for release early 2022, so that’s my focus. My lockdown was spent in the company of 7/800 other people every Friday night doing my 40 FB live shows, so I’m looking forward to going out, playing shows and actually seeing them all in the flesh.

LVL: What are your Cavern Club nights like on Mondays?

Ian: It’s just come back! On our 10th birthday too, which was a lovely bit a fortune.

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LVL: It must feel amazing to have a special brick in The Cavern Club Wall Of Fame?

Ian: Ahh yeah it’s such a lovely thing to have, especially for my 9 year old, it’ll always be there for her to show people. The Cavern were very generous talking about my song writing as well as my commitment to the MC, it’ll make a few people jealous as well, which I like!

LVL: What are your plans for the future? Any big gigs planned?

Ian: We have our big Christmas show here in Liverpool back at the main room in the O2 this year, that’s going to be something else after what we’ve all been through, they come in from all over for that one.

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