Ever wondered what the 5 main reasons for failing a driving test are? Whether you’re considering learning how to drive, currently learning or just curious, in this feature we bring you the Top 5 reasons for failing a driving test and talk to Wirral based Aim2Pass about tips on how to avoid them and pass first time! Check out some crazy driving fail videos too….

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Who are Aim2Pass?

Aim2Pass is an independent driving school run by Joanne Murphy. As of March 2019, they have a 100% first time pass rate — an amazing record! Joanne is loved by her students for making them work hard and ensuring they pass first time, but she also has a great reputation for being patient and very understanding towards nervous drivers. Joanne is also a fully qualified fleet instructor and assessor and offers services to commercial fleet companies.

Aim2Pass teach drivers of all ages and abilities from Sunday to Friday and in addition to having an exceptional 100% pass rate, they are known for their great value. Their lessons cost £24 for a full hour lesson and they have amazing new pupil offers such as 10 lessons for £199 and 5 lessons for £115 with a 6th lesson freeAim2Pass owner, Joanne Murphy, talks us through the Top 5 reasons for failing a test and how to avoid them, with some crazy driving fails thrown in for your amusement….

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1. Observations at junctions

Joanne told us: “Most people worry about making a blatant error on a test such as stalling or causing a crash, but the No.1 fail is actually failing to check all your mirrors AND all directions clearly when manoeuvring — especially at junctions. The key is to take your time and make sure you not only observe every mirror but also check every direction before pulling out of a junction.

Even if you feel a bit silly like a chicken moving your head in all sorts of directions, it pays to make sure your examiner sees you checking everywhere properly. This may seem like a little thing but it’s massive and the main reason people fail.”

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2. Moving off safely

Joanne advised: “Much like observations at junctions, when you’re moving off from the side of the road you need to take your time and make it clear that you’re looking in every mirror, in every direction and in every blind spot. By the time you take your test you’ll have ‘mirrors, signal, manoeuvre’ firmly registered but keep reciting it to yourself and take your time following it before everything you do. Another top reason for failing — just don’t panic and take your time.”

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3. Use of mirrors

Joanne explained: “This is the third main reason for failing and yet again it’s mirror related. As with observations at junctions and moving off safely, use of mirrors is vital during any manoeuvre — whether that be overtaking, slowing down or increasing speed. For example, when overtaking always check the rear mirror and appropriate wing mirror and make sure your driving test examiner clearly sees you check them. Only carry out a manoeuvre once you’ve checked all relevant mirrors.”

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4. Reverse parking

Joanne told us: “During a driving test you’ll be asked to either parallel park in the road, reverse into a parking bay at the test centre, drive into a bay and reverse out elsewhere or pull up on the right, reverse 2 car lengths and pull back out into traffic. You’ll get a minor for having to re-adjust or correct it but you’ll get a major and an instant fail if you completely misjudge it, lose control or potentially if you have to start again.

I ensure my pupils carry out this manoeuvre time and time again so that they’re experts before the test, as it’s such a common reason for failing. As always, CHECK YOUR MIRRORS, take your time and angle the car into the space nice and easy. Don’t panic — you’ve done it a million times before!”

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5. Response to traffic lights

Joanne explained: “People just assume that going through a red light will result in failing your test, but there are a few other traffic lights fails that’ll catch you out. Things such as stopping beyond an advanced stop line in the area designated for cyclists and harsh braking at lights are also big mistakes that have caught people out on tests. During a test be alert at all times and pay attention to everything around you — including the lights. Daydreaming will cost you so be sharp!”

So, there you have it — the Top 5 reasons for failing driving tests in the UK, and tips on how to avoid failing from a Wirral driving school with a 100% first time pass rate. We hope you liked the crazy driving fail videos too! If you or someone you know is looking for driving lessons give Aim2Pass a shout and check out their amazing discounts and offers!

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