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In this exclusive we talk to Liverpool music legend Ian McNabb ahead of his Liverpool gig with Cold Shoulder. The former frontman of The Icicle Works and celebrated author will be bringing a full on rock extravaganza to the Arts Club on Saturday 7th December and it’s set to be very special gig indeed.

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In this feature we catch up with Ian to talk about what he’s been up to, what the gig is about and what to expect, playing in Liverpool and how the music scene has changed, and finally what his plans are for 2020. If you’re looking for quality rock and roll from a local legend then get yourself to this gig — you won’t be disappointed!

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LVL: So Ian, what have you been up to?

Ian: I’ve been doing gigs all year. An acoustic tour to start the year off, then a run of Icicle Works dates celebrating the 35th anniversary of our first album in the spring. A solo show in Hong Kong, then another run of Icicle Works gigs which we just finished.

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LVL: What’s this gig and the collaboration with Cold Shoulder all about?

Ian: Cold Shoulder (Christopher Kearney, Andy Lord-Ashton, Nick Kilroe) are a three-piece band from Liverpool. We’re great friends. Seven years ago I asked them if they fancied doing a few shows with me and perhaps an album. We’ve only ever managed a handful of shows in 2012 – 13 but we’ve now done three albums together. We thought it was time to do another gig seeing as we have all this material to play.

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LVL: What can we expect on the night?

Ian: We have a wealth of material to chose from so we’ll be playing as much of it as we can. We’ll be playing for around two hours. Expect lots of guitar solos, songs you don’t know, self-indulgence, smoke, bright lights, swearing and extreme volume.

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LVL: What’s it like playing back in Liverpool again?

Ian: Icicle Works played in May at the 02. Liverpool’s always special as it’s our home town and lots of people you know show up. You’re always a bit more nervous than usual as if you screw up everyone hears about it in two minutes. If you do a great gig of course nobody ever talks about it again.

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LVL: How do you think the Liverpool music scene has changed since you first started out in the 70s?

Ian: Liverpool has always had lots of venues and lots of bands playing. I don’t think it’s changed that much everyone is still mad and working on the greatest album ever made. I don’t go out much anymore as I’m getting rather old but when I do there is always a gig on somewhere and something worth seeing.

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LVL: What are your plans for 2020 and the future?

Ian: I’m playing in Atlanta in January, then solo acoustic shows through to the summer. I’ll be recording a new album between dates.

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If you’ve not yet planned your festive night out and you’re looking for a quality gig to go to, then this is for you. With years of rock n roll experience and plenty of oomph and attitude, Ian McNabb knows how to put on a show! Always great to see local legends going strong over 5 decades — amazing stuff!

Ian McNabb & Cold Shoulder / Sat 7th Dec 2019, 7pm / Arts Club, 90 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4BH

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