Exciting news here at La Vida Liverpool — we have a new problem page! We’ve teamed up with leading international journalist and life coach, Linda Baldvinsdottir from Iceland (the 7th happiest country in the world), and we’re looking forward to her helping our readers overcome their problems. You’ve heard of Dear Coleen and Dear Deidre — well now we have Dear Linda B!

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A leading life coach of 14 years, Linda has helped countless people in all walks of life and has supported people through relationship problems, personal problems and all sorts of complex issues. A LET Communication Consultant, Trauma Resiliency Model expert, Former President of the Icelandic Coaching Federation and Board of Icelandic Women’s Business Association, she brings a wealth of free expertise to our readers.

To submit a question or problem confidentially, please email!

In addition to being a highly qualified life coach, Linda is an acclaimed author — with her book ‘I Am’ a highly regarded self help guide. She is also a renowned writer for Iceland’s leading news agency and as a former TV host she has won News Of The Year awards. She is also Ambassador of the global charitable KIND20 movement — working alongside our Editor, Justin Hopper.

To submit a question or problem confidentially, please email!

Ahead of our first reader letter, she told us: “First of all, Congratulations! You’re alive! You are one of those people that were lucky enough to wake up this morning alive to see your loved ones. Sometimes we forget that the simple things in life are the most precious things and we should consider it as a gift and appreciate it as such.”

“There are so many things that contribute to our happiness or our unhappiness, but I decided to mention the following points as my version of what contributes to our daily happiness and well-being. My recipe is perhaps no different from other happy recipes, but good verses are never uttered too often so here is my happy version….”

“Life is too sweet and precious to waste it on being unhappy. Spending time being irritated at someone or something is a waste of energy and well-being. And perhaps you should remember that everyone is probably doing their best every time, whether it’s good enough or not.”

“Use every opportunity to laugh as much as you possibly can, and create happy moments with those you care about.”

“Say sorry when it matters, it matures you as a person and gives you more self-esteem. We are unfortunately not perfect and sometimes we are even wrong (yes that happens)- and in these circumstance it is okay to say ‘I’m sorry’.”

“Let go of what you cannot change, but change what you can, as stated in the old prayer of serenity. And as the Icelandic people say ‘In the name of the Nordic Gods’, do not waste your life worrying about tomorrow, because this robs us of the joy and strength that is necessary to have when we are dealing with the challenges that face us today.”

“Always love deeply and honestly, hug and kiss often, praise and build everyone up that you meet along the way, and forgive people quickly or as quickly as you want them to forgive you when you make mistakes.”

“Challenge yourself in life and give it all you have got, because only then will you succeed in life. But if it isn’t a success this time  it’s going to be a valuable lesson for you to use for next time, so just don’t give up- there are no mistakes, just experiments-  and remember it took over 1000 experiments to create the lightbulb.”

“Do not regret anything you do in life, because all of it works towards the greater good in the end, and we never know what is going to be of the greatest value to us in the end .”

“Unfortunately, we cannot avoid the wind blowing around us in life because after all life is a lot like the Icelandic (and I’ve also heard British) weather. There will be sun today, wind and rain tomorrow, and snow the third day, so enjoy and be happy when life goes well and give thanks for it. Remember, everything in life comes to an end, both the good and the bad .”

“Spread smiles all around you, even when you have the least reason to do so, because it helps your brain get in a good mood by producing good biochemicals for every smile you give, as the brain does not understand the difference between reality and unreality, it just responds to your beautiful smile.”

“Always be grateful for everything you have, so many would give anything to be in your position. Gratitude tends to grow, and the more we give thanks for what we have, the more we will have to be thankful for, as the universal law is then in motion.  So we should say thanks in advance for what we want to see and have in our lives, and know that all is already yours.”

“Always forgive everything, even if it is hard to do, because it’s a gift to yourself and it sets you free from the damages it has done to your life. Don’t give the people that hurt you the opportunity to take up more space in your life and your feelings than they already have, and don’t give those who hurt you a chance to repeat the same ugly game against you, just stay away from it all and as far as possible .”

“There are a lot of prejudices in the world and to go along with them does nothing good to the world we live in, so let’s try to let go of them. None of us wants to be condemned for simply being who we are. Whether we are white, black, any religion, culture,  atheists, homosexual, heterosexual, thin, fat, young, old, Icelandic or foreign, rich or poor – RESPECT is what we all should have and give each other, and we all want that for ourselves, right?. Just remember that we all have different stories to tell and we can’t see into the hearts of others, which is in fact the only true measurement for us if  we want to judge others justly in the first place.”

“Let’s be careful of how we use our words, because words sometimes hurt and our use of them can also cause misunderstandings and put people down. Let’s focus on the use of beautiful uplifting words and be nice to everyone (ourselves included), build people up to their highest possibilities, resolve misunderstandings and let’s not tear each other down in any way.”

“Learn from the tasks you are faced with in life, but never miss a single moment of the enjoyment that life also brings. Enjoy being here, now and alive!”

“Do your utmost best every day and just go for all you want to experience in life, and at the end of the day give thanks for the blessings that this day has brought, and then soar into sleep with peace of mind knowing that you did your best in all circumstances during the day – and that is always is enough.”

“I love Liverpool and I’m a huge Liverpool fan so I’m really looking forward to helping anyone who needs advice! Yours, Linda x”

To submit a question or problem confidentially, please email!

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