Attention dog lovers! A new dog café has opened in Wirral! The K9 Snack Shack is part of Katy’s K9 Care Doggie Play Park and Grooming Service, situated at Molloy’s Garden Centre on Leasowe Road, and runs alongside the already thriving dog grooming and dog play park services ran by Katy and her team!

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What’s The K9 Snack Shack about?

The new dog café offers a range of food and drinks for humans and a selection of specialist treats and toys for dogs. For humans, enjoy breakfasts and lunches on the constantly evolving menu and a variety of homemade cakes. There’s also coffee, tea and different milkshakes named after dog breeds!

For the dogs, there are 2 dog stations, free water and a number of toys and treats that can be purchased for them. The interior has a dog design and there are outside benches courtesy of the garden centre next door. It’s an ideal place to visit or enjoy whilst visiting the garden centre, waiting for your dog to be groomed or after a visit to the dog park!

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Katy’s K9 grooming service….

Katy is a highly qualified dog groomer, with qualifications in animal care, dog grooming and dog psychology. She started the business in 2015 and has developed a fantastic reputation ever since. A member of the Pet Industry Association, she offers a wide range of great value grooming and pampering services with cost depending on breed.

A bath and blow dry starts from just £15 and the grooming services are available by appointment only, 7 days a week. With years of experience and care and countless 5 star reviews, your dog is in the right hands with Katy. The new dog café is an ideal place to visit whilst waiting for your dog to be groomed.

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Katy’s K9 Doggie Play Park….

Katy’s dog park has two sides it. For those who lead busy lives, rather than leaving your dog indoors all day, for just £16 they give your dog 3 hours of fun and socialising whilst you are at work (from Mon-Fri). They pick your dog up, take it to the dog park for hours of fun with other dogs, then drop it back home after the session!

Alternatively, the dog park is available for private hire for just £6 per hour, 7 days a week. We talk so much about the mental health of humans, but the mental health of dogs is a key issue — with many dogs being kept indoors too much. Katy’s K9 Doggie Play Park offers a fun and safe environment for your dog to run free and socialise.

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Why we love Katy’s K9 Care….

Having spoken to Katy at length and visited the café, grooming centre and dog park, there’s lots to love about her and her team and what they offer. Dog wellbeing is an important issue and they do great things to give dogs better lives. With the new dog café now open too, Katy’s K9 Care truly is a one stop shop for dogs and humans.

We love the great value grooming and dog park services and we love that there’s a garden centre to explore next door too! We love the new dog café and what it offers for both humans and dogs. It’s a great concept and somewhere fun to visit for you and your canine companion, whether you’re using the grooming services, dog park or garden centre or just fancy a visit to see some cute dogs!

Katy’s K9 Care & The K9 Snack Shack / Molloy’s Garden Centre, Leasowe Road, Wirral, CH46 2RH / 07821029184

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Check out The K9 Snack Shack on FACEBOOK!

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