Liverpool’s No.1 organic eatery, Tranquil Evolution, is now available for delivery via Just Eat and Uber Eats! Sick of ordering the same old junk food? Want something delivered that’s tasty but also fresh, healthy and free from toxins and chemicals? If you’re looking for fresh, healthy organic food that tastes divine then Tranquil Evolution is where it’s at!

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Here at La Vida Liverpool, we’re huge fans of Tranquil Evolution! Based on Waterloo Road just behind Costco, the organic food cafe offers a mouth watering menu featuring smoothies (including their famous Purple Acai), juices, milkshakes, slushes, quality tea and coffee, sunrise bowls, hot oats, scouse and hot meals, wraps, omelettes, nachos, burgers, Sunday roasts, desserts and more.

Order on Uber Eats HERE or Just Eat HERE!

Tranquil Evolution has become a huge hit since opening nearly a year ago and it’s a popular choice amongst football players and athletes. The fully organic concept was created by Champion boxer Joe Ainscough, aka The Kirkdale Kid’, and it’s loved by many for offering amazing quality food at a great price.

Order on Uber Eats HERE or Just Eat HERE!

The ethos of Tranquil Evolution is to provide people with food that’s both tasty and free from toxins, chemicals, steroids, genetically modified crops and factory farming — encouraging the people of Liverpool to eat more consciously. More and more people have turned to deliveries during lockdown, so it’s refreshing that there are some healthy options out there such as Tranquil Evolution.

Order on Uber Eats HERE or Just Eat HERE!

Owner and former Champion boxer, Joe Ainscough, told us: “More and more people have turned to food deliveries this year due to restaurants and pubs being closed. Unfortunately, when you look at food delivery options it’s mostly unhealthy junk food and ordering unhealthy food can become a bad habit.”

Order on Uber Eats HERE or Just Eat HERE!

He continued: “We want to bridge that gap and offer food that’s tasty — even comfort food such as burgers — but also fresh, healthy, organic and free from toxins and chemicals. We want to show people that by eating more consciously and thinking about what you order can have a massive impact on your life, but first there must of course be attractive options out there for them.”

Order on Uber Eats HERE or Just Eat HERE!

The next time you’re looking for a takeaway option in Liverpool, make sure you check out Tranquil Evolution! Proving that fresh, healthy organic food can also be absolutely delicious, Liverpool’s No.1 organic eatery has an extensive menu with a mouth watering range of quality food and drink. Highly recommended!

Tranquil Evolution / 13 Waterloo Road, Liverpool, L3 7BB / 0151 662 0072

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