For the last four years, Constellations has been a landmark venue in the Baltic Triangle and a hub for musical, cultural and arts events. The popular venue has played host to critically acclaimed festivals such as Positive Vibration, Liverpool Light Night and The Baltic Weekender, as well as an array of sell out events such as the Friends Against Cancer Events showcases and the Big Fish Little Fish family raves. Now, due to circumstances beyond their control, Constellations must close by the end of 2019 and as a result the team will be shutting the Greenland Street venue. And so, with that Hinterlands was born….

With Constellations, we helped put the Baltic Triangle on the map in Liverpool. With Hinterlands, we now want to put the Baltic Triangle on the map in the UK!This is the story, and some of the people, behind Constellations. An event space that has not only housed, but nurtured everything from grassroots festivals, to live music, weddings, conferences and so much more. ————————–Our Kickstarter campaign is about paying for events across both spaces in advance, helping us raise the funds necessary to complete Hinterlands and provide Liverpool with a brand new event space.Kickstarter:

Posted by Hinterlands on Friday, August 10, 2018

In a bold act of determination and resolve, the Constellations team have opened their new venue, Hinterlands, just behind the Cain’s brewery area of the Baltic Triangle. The new space will be a celebration of culture, community, business, music, food, drink and art, and the team have been working hard to complete the vital building works needed to push Hinterlands over the line, crowdfunding for £60,000 to open permanently. Without these vital funds, the future of the venue will not be secured. The Kickstarter campaign will allow Hinterlands to proliferate into one of Liverpool’s most dynamic, versatile and vibrant event spaces.

Hinterlands is a 10,500 square foot warehouse and industrial, raw and innovative by design, however it has some way to go to become what it needs to be. To encourage people to help crowdfund this important project, there are rewards on offer including a number of unique ‘Golden Ticket’ prizes. Those who pledge a donation will be granted permanent guest list entry for two people to five venues for an entire year! This is the first time ever that such a thing has been offered in Liverpool and backers will have the ability to attend a range of music, arts, creative and club events at Hinterlands, Constellations, Invisible Wind FactoryMeraki and 24 Kitchen Street for 12 months!

Introducing Hinterlands————————By now, everybody has heard that our sister venue, Constellations will be closing at the end of 2019. In part, Hinterlands is our response to this news…a new venue for Liverpool where the possibilities for events are endless. Our next independent adventure!…Here's what we're going to do…We want to complete the essential building works to be in Hinterlands full time.By reaching our £60,000 Kickstarter goal, we can afford to build our dream space and will be able to open fully. Constellations has supported so many great grassroots events, organisations and causes over the past four years. Although often busy, many of these accessible and open events do not make much money. By pledging your support, we can continue to create platforms upon which business, individuals and organisations can grow in our new space.Find out more, support our journey and pledge whatever you can on our Kickstarter page:

Posted by Hinterlands on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Constellations and Hinterlands team told La Vida Liverpool: “As the Baltic Triangle has developed over the past decade, Constellations is proud to have played a part in making the area one of the most popular cultural, residential and business destinations in the UK. As a venue, we appreciate our role as a catalyst for change in the local area, and welcome the next phase in the Baltic Triangle’s growing story. The next adventure, Hinterlands, is a continuation of the Constellations ethos and a major contributor to the ever-growing popularity of the Cains Brewery site.”

For more information on the campaign and how to win a Golden Ticket can be found HEREHERE and HERE!


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