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A Wirral life coach is offering free discovery sessions in response to the increase in mental health issues and life dissatisfaction. Izzy Pritchard, Owner of Ever Evolving You in Liscard, is offering the free sessions for people to re-establish what they want in life and make a strategy for a better life — at a time of year when mental health issues are heightened.

To book in a free discovery session contact Izzy on 07515358605!

Mental health issues are on the rise in the UK, as is the NHS waiting list, and according to the ONS in the year ending March 2020, average ratings of life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety in the UK all deteriorated. This will have only worsened following the last two years of Covid and with suicide rates also on the rise, the winter months are often the bleakest times for many.

To book in a free discovery session contact Izzy on 07515358605!

Izzy explained: “So many societal factors are leading to an increase in mental health issues, unhappiness and life dissatisfaction. Covid hit everyone hard and now we’re facing the cost of living crisis — inevitably leading to more and more people suffering. Furthermore, at this time of year we’re starting to see darker, greyer and colder mornings and nights and this can highlight any underlying issues and problems.”

She continued: “My free discovery sessions are designed for anyone wanting to take ownership of their happiness — exploring the root causes of their problems and what they want in life then putting a plan of action together to achieve their goals. I work with anyone with mental health issues, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, lifestyle issues or anyone seeking more clarity and direction in their life.”

To book in a free discovery session contact Izzy on 07515358605!

The free one hour discovery sessions have helped many people, although most stay on to work with Izzy on an ongoing basis. With many qualifications and having trained through the Raw Horizons Academy, she is great at what she does and has helped countless clients — whilst remaining very affordable at just £35 per session.

One client, Emily, said: “Izzy is amazing! Before seeing her I suffered from anxiety quite badly but I’ve now overcome my fears and gained lots of clarity to move forward and achieve what I want in life. We’ve worked with the law of attraction, meditation, mindfulness, manifestation and more — she’s brilliant and is on hand 24/7 whenever I feel the need to ask her anything.”

To book in a free discovery session contact Izzy on 07515358605!

Through Ever Evolving You, Izzy offers a holistic approach to life coaching — providing a bespoke service and integrating meditation, mindfulness, manifestation, journaling, the law of attraction, breathwork, reiki, nutrition plans and more. The idea of the free discovery session is to help people create a vision and strategy for a better future — whether they go on to work with her or not.

Izzy said: “There’s a mental health crisis at the moment and there are also lots of people out there who are dissatisfied with their life — emotionally, mentally and spiritually malnourished and unwell. I aim to bridge the gap and by offering free introductory sessions I feel I can do that by providing a vision and hope — whilst keeping my sessions low cost to make them accessible to as many people as possible.”

To book in a free discovery session contact Izzy on 07515358605!

Izzy is based at Predictions in Liscard — a hub that offers many services to promote emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. In addition to being a fully qualified life coach, she is also a Reiki Master and offers Reiki for just £30 per session as well as attunement to become Levels 1, 2 and Master.

Ever Evolving You life coaching with Izzy offers a free discovery session to help people establish what problems are holding them back, what they want in life and a strategy and vision for a better life. The sessions are 1 hour long and any future sessions are just £35 from then on.

To book in a free discovery session contact Izzy on 07515358605!

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