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You’ve seen the salvage programmes on TV such as Salvage Hunters right? Well, meet Liverpool’s very own Drew Pritchard as we talk to ‘Crazy Joe’ about Black Dog Salvage — his huge new salvage yard in Litherland (L30 6UH). If you’re looking to get rid of junk or you’re looking for a bargain, check this place out….

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What’s Black Dog Salvage about?

Situated on Park Lane West, an industrial estate just off Dunnings Bridge Road, Black Dog Salvage is an emporium like no other. Owned by ‘Crazy Joe’, the warehouse has been completely restored, just like everything in it, and there’s a workshop on site to turn rubbish into gold. Once inside, you’ll find an abundance of quirky things for sale that have been saved from landfill sites.

They say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and this is certainly the case at Black Dog Salvage! Whether you’re looking for a vintage juke box, toys, collectibles, machinery, cameras, signs, motorbikes, garden ornaments or anything else, there’s something for everyone at Black Dog Salvage. Thinking of throwing something out or need a house clearance? Call Joe!

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The environmental impact….

‘Crazy Joe’ is an enigmatic figure and somewhat an unsung hero. During his many years in the salvage industry, he has been responsible for saving tens of thousands of tons of ‘junk’ from going to landfill sites. Much like taking on a dog from a shelter, it’s much more rewarding saving something and making it yours — especially if it benefits the environment.

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Our visit….

We visited the huge new salvage yard and spoke to the legend that is ‘Crazy Joe’. He told us: “I’ve put everything into this new site because I believe in what I do. There’s no better feeling than saving something from going to waste and you wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve found over the years.”

He continued: “We have a great team here and we always have a laugh. Even if you just want to come and have a browse, the kettle will be on and you’re more than welcome. You get all those wannabe celebs on the TV programmes but they’ve got nothing on ‘Crazy Joe’ — there’s no place like Black Dog Salvage!”

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Why we love Crazy Joe & Black Dog Salvage….

If you visit Black Dog Salvage and meet ‘Crazy Joe’, you’ll understand why we love him and his business. We love that he saves so much waste from going to landfill and how he turns one man’s junk into another man’s treasure. If you’re looking for something quirky and restored to buy, get yourself down to Black Dog Salvage!

Black Dog Salvage / Park Lane West, Litherland, Liverpool, L30 6UH / 07712132179

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