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Due to the COVID-19 world, the times we now live in have taken us out of the stress that we have had for such a long time now, and it has required us to go inward into introspection and think about how we can live a more satisfied and peaceful life. Now is the time to relax and breathe deeply into the situation.

Look at the infrastructure and see what it is that we are perhaps lacking if anything, so we can be happy no matter what the situations around us are. Are we in fact losing something that matters to us or is there a greater meaning for our life? I am not talking about the material world here, but our everyday connections with ourselves and those around us.

Have we given up values that brought us more peace and security than the conditions we live in today? Do we perhaps need to take stock and turn our lives upside down when we look at this changed world that none of us expected at the beginning of the year.

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Reaching out to others during this time is what we should consider to do as well, nothing really gives us as much pleasure as helping out our neighbour in need, so try it – find someone in your community that needs a phone call or perhaps a box of food at their doorstep and see how good it feels – we ought to do this even when we have little or nothing ourselves. Life will always support those who care for others.

We can now choose if we are going down the path of fear or love, because these times call us to choose between those two directions. Let’s try to focus more on the path of love rather than the one of fear and use our imagination to create new and loving ways so that our family, friends and the whole world knows that it doesn’t matter how the conditions are around us, we still care.

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Fear, our biggest enemy, is a mighty force that leads us to destruction and isolation. If we follow that path, we don’t reach out to people and we don’t take the necessary steps we need to take in those fearful situations, we certainly do not dare to move forward in life and we reject ourselves due to our fearful self-talk and therefore lack of confidence. We do not even dare to lend a helping hand or ask for help because we think that we do not belong to the herd and that no one wants us.

I’m optimistic about what these hard times are going to leave us with and I really believe that our world will be a better place to live in when all this is over. I can see that there are so many good people reaching out to their community and to the world in such a loving and caring way, so I have high hopes for mankind.

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I think that we will see a lot of changing happen both in the world and in our personal lives. I can see relationship break ups or the ones that are not having a good effect on our lives, I can also see new loving relationships forming and others that will heal and become closer than before. I also think that friendship and empathy will be strengthened, and we will see our existence in a clearer and more loving light.

We have been searching for peace and happiness in recent years through all kinds of spiritual practices and I think that’s because we know deep down inside that we have given up our peace for the material things but now it’s time to go back to our spiritual roots once again.

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I listened to an Indian woman named Vandana Shiva where she talked about how we finally get to see that we cannot live in the stupidity that has become our norm today. She says that we need to gain knowledge of what really matters and that we have to learn to live in harmony with Mother Earth, we need to learn to care and love and to share with us to find true happiness.

She also says that it will be the women of this world who will teach us what it is like to be a real human being. The sacrificial cost of our luxury life has been high and has cost, among other things, the killing of young girls in slave factories in Bangladesh and elsewhere, and that this will no longer be tolerated. She noted how the mothers who cooked for their children haven’t got the respect that they deserve, but if it hadn’t been for the mother’s cooking, we wouldn’t have survived. There were so many important things she said in this video that I can absolutely agree with and made a lot of sense to my spirit. Such a wise woman!

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Today we can see which professions really matter for our society and remarkably they are the one that we have valued the least in the past and that we paid the lowest wages too. All the caretakers at hospitals, elderly homes, schools and other places have now become our heroes, and rightly so – I just hope the world will never forget that and I sincerely hope that they will be rewarded in a big way for all the selfless work they have done for their nations globally in the year 2020.

One thing is for sure, the world as we know it is changing and like someone wrote in the beginning of the Covid pandemic: “I feel a bit like Mother earth has been sending us all into our rooms and slammed the door angrily behind us with the following words; “Stay here for a few months and just think about what you have done and be ashamed of the way you have been behaving!” I wholeheartedly agree and I’m not surprised that we are being accused of our greed and selfishness and how we have been attached to all the material things that have characterized the last two decades or so.

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We gave up our old family values for worldly things, we gave up our family meetings or dinners on Sundays where everyone dressed up for the occasion, we don’t show courtesy and care for each other, the teaching of the older generation to the younger generation is of no value anymore and the grandparents are working so much that they have no time to enjoy being with their grandchildren.

Children have been so occupied with succeeding in life that they don’t have time for caring and respecting their parents by paying them a visit, and Wikipedia and Google have taken the place of their parents’ experience and knowledge and therefore their advice. The love that we have has also gone down a few degrees – and I think we are unfortunately all guilty to some extent.

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However, we will probably all have to re-evaluate our core values now and I just hope we learn to appreciate how gently Mother Earth has treated us in the past in spite of our misuse of her gifts and I think that we will have to learn to pay respect to and give thanks to her and change how we treat her. I think we also should pay more attention to our spiritual life if nothing more than just recognize that we are spirits having an earthly experience, and I think that we then will learn how to live with each other in peace and harmony as we were once, or together as one nation, one world.

This is a time of consciousness and of the Spirit. This generation has not had to realize that we are spirit, soul and body, but now is the time for that realization. Let love be our guiding light on that path and let’s set our focus on radiating that energy into the world around us for everyone to see that love has got the real power to create peace and happiness and it’s the only weapon we can use to create all we have so desperately been longing for.

Lots of love, stay safe

Yours, Linda B

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With thanks to Kareena Talwar

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