I don’t know about you but I love a gadget. I also love travel but running my own travel business I felt it a little obvious to lead with that, it’s kind of a pre-requisite otherwise selling destinations would be markedly more difficult. So where do I stand on travel gadgets I hear you cry? Well I often stand silently in awe, but on this occasion I will transcribe my thoughts for the world to read! Here are 5 travel gadgets that I think are amazing….

The Travel Pillow: Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Neck Pillow (£29.99)

I’ll start with a very saturated market and something less of a gadget and more of a necessity as the years go by. Indeed, there was a time when I would mutter mockingly at those people carrying travel pillows. However, after one particularly horrific night flight to Namibia that left me with what Alan Partridge would describe as “minor women’s whiplash” I knew the time had come to invest.

After much research I arrived at the Cabeau Evolution memory foam neck pillow. They do offer an inflatable version but trust me on the memory foam. Having recently tested this out on a turbulent 9 hour economy voyage I can attest that although my legs still felt like they had been trapped in a vice for the duration my neck felt like it had been adopted by a cloud. Comfort is obviously key to any pillow, but with little additions such as a phone pocket, its own ear plugs and a handy bag to fold it away into a very manageable size (and satisfying cinnamon roll shape!) it is well worth the outlay. A twinge in the wallet is better than a pain in the neck as they say, I think.

The Luggage: Bluesmart Luggage (£359.99)

An eye watering price, but this luggage comes with a jaw dropping amount of tech wizardry. Ideal perhaps more for a business traveller but certainly one I would consider should I ever have the cash to do so. This is the luggage system that has it all.

Indeed, one of our biggest nightmares while travelling is loss of luggage along the way, it can sour the mood of even the most relaxed of humans. Now baggage systems in airports have certainly come a long way over the years but still there are lost cases that simply vanish in the ether. Not with Bluesmart Luggage. With built in GPS you can track it anywhere in the world, so you are more likely to get lost along the way than your luggage. All controlled by a mobile app, you needn’t worry about running out of battery either, as it comes with a built in power bank to charge your electronics, a digital lock for security and even its own scale so there is no worries about being over your baggage allowance. Oh, and it is actually a pretty decent suitcase in its own right, with a stylish look and specific slots for items such as a laptop.

The Charger: Aukey Solar Power Bank (£12.99)

Even backpackers these days still need the sweet release of mobile technology on their travels. How else are they supposed to let the world of social media know that they have found true peace in nature at their yoga retreat in Bali? So what better way to charge their device than by harnessing that very nature to power those Instagram filters!

There are obviously more powerful banks on the market, but none that provide the solar capacity on a relative shoestring that this model does. As it is likely you will be travelling somewhere with a relatively sunny climate then this is the perfect solution. Making use of the natural power of the sun while you meditate, Captain Planet would be proud.

The Beach Buddy: Zomake Sandless Beach Mat (£17.99)

If you are like me you’ll love the sight, sound and smell of the ocean. Pristine white sands, crystal blue seas. These are the images you often conjure up when you think of travelling, your own personal paradise. Then you remember that beaches are actually made up of the devil’s own spawn – sand. Sand entices you into believing you want to spend time with it before getting itself into every nook, cranny and orifice of you, never to leave. This is also the Biblical definition of Satan….

So how do you combat this miniscule demon? By following the US policy of resolution by military force of course. Well, not exactly, but this mat was originally created for military use and is literally impossible to cover with sand. So if you want to be the cool, sand-free dude at the beach then unleash your mat, kick back and bronze yourself smugly on you own patch of sandless paradise. You’ll be the talk of the coast I promise.

One For The Kids (No wait! I want one of those!): Zinc Flyte Case (£59.99)

Kids wailing? Baggage weighing you down? Wishing you could check both of them in to the hold? Well wish no more, as this little gem will make airports all the more fun for your child as they zip around on this luggage-scooter hybrid. And what could be more fun for you than desperately trying to keep up with them amongst the helpful crowds?

Seriously though, if this was around when I was a youngster I would have delighted in it. Individually designed luggage featuring bright colours and quirky characters combined with a neat folding scooter to allow you to literally travel on your bag. What’s not to love? The bags are ample dimensions for a child to fit their wares in and were they to bring a larger size to market I would unpack my dignity and hop on board to my departure gate. Make airports that bit more entertaining for your sprogs and get involved.


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