Merseyside has a vibrant electronic music scene, from underground warehouse parties to huge sell-out events that attract some of the best DJs in the world. There’s also an abundance of amazingly talented local DJs and it’s something we like to shout about at La Vida Liverpool. La Vida Liverpool In The Mix is a series of exclusive mixes from some of Merseyside’s best DJs to celebrate our thriving scene and provide you with some delightful sounds for your listening pleasure. This mix is provided by Man With Records.

So, who is Man With Records??? That’s a good question. We were sent this mix from him as part of our weekly La Vida Liverpool In The Mix series and we know nothing other than he is a DJ based in either Wirral or Liverpool. After some digging, we’ve found out some rumours about his identity. According to one source, he recently arrived from Eastern Europe after having to flee his homeland due to run ins with the Russian mafia. We are told his DJ alias was created in order to hide his identity for security reasons and he is indeed in hiding here in Liverpool.

According to another source, Man With Records is a top Russian DJ with a history of DJing at top events throughout Europe. We’re told that he fell out with the wrong people in Amsterdam and, following some rather ugly events, he has come to do business in Liverpool and make some new music before seeking refuge in another country. Whoever this mysterious figure is, we’re both surprised and pleased that he has discovered La Vida Liverpool and our wonderful La Vida Liverpool In The Mix series. Enjoy this electronic mix from him — a proper journey — and we hope to hear more from him and perhaps one day find out who he is. Enjoy….

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