Here at La Vida Liverpool, we love bringing you the finest music talent our region has to offer — from solo artists to bands to DJs. In this feature we take some time out during lockdown to interview The Boston Shakers — a band who have been taking Liverpool by storm since arriving on the music scene here. With high tempo anthems and bags of attitude, they’ve been firm favourites of the city’s live music enthusiasts.

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The Boston Shakers — consisting of Alex, Bean, K, Willy, Nathan, Jacob and J Dog — have been making waves further afield too. The band has appeared on radio stations such as Total Rock and Planet Rock and they have appeared on BBC Introducing multiple times. They won Best Band award at the Best Of British Awards 2016 and won Flick Of The Finger Soundcheck for MAH, chosen by Alan McGee.

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Here we ask them a few questions during lockdown….

LVL: So, what have you guys been up to recently?

TBS: There isn’t much we can do during this crazy lockdown situation! For the most part we’ve been writing new music and preparing to come back stronger. Just before the lockdown we released our new track Tribal and Bean made a video for it with 0 budget. We have another track to be released this summer. We can’t wait for this to be over and to get out gigging again.

LVL: How did The Boston Shakers come about?

TBS: Most of us were working in bars in Liverpool at the time. One of us came from the U.S, three of us came from France and two of us were from the UK. Liverpool had become our home and we all met working in the city’s bars. The name The Boston Shakers comes from the cocktail making shakers that can be found in bars. 

LVL: Who are your main influences?

TBS: We have a bit of a mish mash of genres we’re inspired by because we are from different backgrounds. There’s a bit of old school hip hop but also the rock influences of The Beatles, Black Keys, Kasabian, Red Hot Chili Peppers. That’s the beauty of having international band members — we get a bit of everything. We describe our music as futuristic glam rock!

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LVL: How did you guys find the Liverpool music scene initially? Was it a tough nut to crack?

TBS: The Liverpool music scene is very conservative and traditional. We never really aimed to crack it, just do what we like and hopefully some people dig it. Fortunately it’s worked and we’ve received such great support from the people, promoters and venues here.

LVL: What would you say is your most memorable gig to date?

TBS: We’ve played so many amazing gigs. Our trip to Poland to play a huge student festival in Krakow last year was pretty fun. Half of the band got stuck in a lift for over an hour just before the show plus the crowd interactions and after party was amazing too. We love a good after party!

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LVL: What can someone who has never seen you live expect at one of your gigs?

TBS: We put all our energy into our live performances. If you’ve just listened to a few of our tracks then imagine that x10! We really appreciate the support from our fans so we always make sure we put everything into our gigs. Expect high tempo, lots of energy and lots of noise!

LVL: What are your plans for the future?

TBS: Write a new EP, bash some singles out (we have a track planned for release this summer), try to stay clean and finally quit our bar jobs!


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