In our latest exclusive feature we talk to Louisa Roach from Wirral’s critically acclaimed band, She Drew The Gun. Following a solid year of gigging, they’ll be finishing their Trouble Every Day tour in Liverpool on Saturday 9th November and it’s set to be a very special gig indeed.

For those who haven’t experienced She Drew The Gun live, you’re in for a real treat. Poetic, political and powerful, their live performances are known to blow audiences away and with awards such as Glastonbury Emerging Artists winner behind them, they truly are one of the real treasures of the Merseyside music scene.

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Here’s more about what they’re about, what they’ve been up to, what they have planned and of course the huge Liverpool gig….

LVL: So what have you guys been up to?

Louisa: Our last Album ‘Revolution of Mind’ came out at the end of last year and we’ve been touring pretty solidly since then, we just had a boss summer of festivals and squeezed in recording a new EP which we’ve just released the first single from.

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LVL: What’s the current tour all about and what’s it like finishing the UK gigs in Liverpool?

Louisa: Its called the Trouble Every Day Tour, so it’s about us bringing a voice of dissent through music really, there’s spoken word, a touch of hip hop, a little bit of psych, with a punk ethos, it’s very lyrically driven so there’s lot’s going on in that respect, it’s different, so you’d have to come see. It’s amazing to be finishing the tour in Liverpool, we haven’t done a hometown headline show for a couple of years now so it will be a special one, looking forward to showing everyone what we’ve been up to.

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LVL: How did She Drew The Gun come about?

Louisa: I started writing songs while I was studying psychology as a mature student, when I finished the course I decided to give the music thing a go. I started playing a few gigs on my own around town and ended up doing a BBC introducing session with Dave Monks, someone passed the session on to James Skelly, he got in touch and we started working together on an EP which turned into the first album ‘Memories of the Future’. The band started to come together while we were working on that.

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LVL: Who were your main inspirations?

Louisa: I’ve always loved 60’s music, grew up in the 80’s and fell in love with Britpop as a teen so there’s a big pop influence. As writers Lennon, Dylan and Cohen are a good starting point. Mavers is genius. Conner Oberst gets me every time, Nina Simone’s delivery hits the hardest and Crass for sheer political brilliance.

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LVL: What’s it been like going from being a small act from the Wirral to being a well known band, playing Glastonbury etc?

Louisa: It feels like we’ve come a long way but there’s a long way to go. I was living in Liverpool when I started writing and everything I did was based in town so it’s never really felt like an act from the Wirral, it was just me putting some songs out there and seeing what happened, a lot has happened and it’s been a trip so I’m going to carry on and see where it takes us.

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LVL: What are your plans for 2020 and the future following this tour?

Louisa: The thing about this game is you never really know, but more writing for sure and some more gigs further afield I hope.

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Without doubt one of the most exciting acts to come out of Merseyside for a long time, She Drew The Gun have been doing amazing things and if you haven’t seen them live before then this Liverpool gig is your perfect opportunity. Another exciting booking for the O2 Academy and another top local band being showcased — amazing stuff!

She Drew The Gun / O2 Academy Liverpool / Sat 9th November, 7pm

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