Over the last few months we’ve been telling you how boss Wild Inn is! Wirral’s No.1 rock café and bar has become the place to be in West Kirby — with a quality playlist, live music 4 nights a week and live sport. Here we introduce you to the rockin’ team behind this thriving venue that has an amazing atmosphere 7 days a week….

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Age: 28

Personality: A ludicrously happy puppy but sceptical

Hobbies: Reading, writing, hiking with her dog

Interesting facts: Trying to write a book, grew up in Singapore, chooses clothes based on whether or not she thinks Blake Lively would approve

Favourite music artists/bands: Caro (look them up, they’re gonna be huge)

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Liam (Co-Owner)

Age: 26

Personality: Wild, loyal, awesome

Hobbies: Cocktails, music, videography and photography, extreme sports

Interesting facts: Got first child arriving this year, speaks sign language, flair champion

Favourite music artists/bands: ACDC, Tommee Proffitt, Eminem

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Age: 23

Personality: Princess/Queen of West Kirby

Hobbies: Zachary, malbec, sauvignon blanc, bumbu

Interesting facts: Got a dog, works at Wild Inn, able to influence anyone to drink alcohol

Favourite music artists/bands: Halsey, Paolo Nutini, Shakira

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Sean (Co-Owner)

Age: 23

Personality: Modern day hippie

Hobbies: Dog walking, coffee drinking, football

Interesting facts: Uni drop out, lived abroad, scared of whistles

Favourite music artists/bands: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix

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Age: 18

Personality: Glamorised makeup addict

Hobbies: Makeup and pink gin

Interesting facts: Can never turn down a drink, lived in Canada for 10 years, has the ability to out drink anyone without blacking out

Favourite music artists/bands: Jay 1, J Hus

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Momma & Poppa Wilding

It’s important not to forget the parents behind Wild Inn’s owners Liam and Sean. Momma & Poppa Wilding, Sue and Marc, are the ones behind the scene who inspire and encourage Liam and Sean to do great things with this fantastic bar. Indeed, it’s the family name behind the bar name and they are the ones who gave Liam and Sean the love of music!

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Here at La Vida Liverpool, we LOVE Wild Inn — without doubt one of the coolest places around! With a belter soundtrack and a quality live music offering, it’s certainly the place to be in West Kirby. We also love the team behind this amazing venue, all boss people with boss personalities, so next time you’re in have a chat with Becky, Liam, Sarah, Sean or Sophie — you may enter as a stranger, but you’ll leave as a friend!

Wild Inn / 38 Banks Road, West Kirby, CH48 0RD

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