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A powerful short film from up and coming London filmmaker Karan Talwar highlights the conflicting subject of Muslims joining the British military. A dramatic masterpiece, the short film has been lauded by critics for its interesting take on the sensitive and controversial matter.

Follow the progress of Ghanimah on INSTAGRAM!

Ghanimah, meaning Spoils Of War in Islam, depicts a heated argument between young British Muslim Abdullah (Mikhail Sen – House of Dragon, A Suitable Boy) and his brother Moh (James El-Sharawy – Tyrant, EastEnders) and father Omar (Adil Akram – Spectre, What’s Love got to do with it?) after telling them he has decided to join the British Army.

Determined to join the British Army against the wishes of his brother and father, Abdullah gets embroiled in an angry dispute with them — overspilling into issues with the family. Through the emotional encounter between the three, Ghanimah is a hard-hitting story of honour, duty, family, faith, religion and identity.

Follow the progress of Ghanimah on INSTAGRAM!

Recent statistics published by the Ministry of Defence indicate that there are 650 Muslims serving in the UK armed services and of these, 550 are in the British Army, constituting 0.5% of the total. Highlighting an interesting and controversial subject that hasn’t been covered widely in the media, the short film is a triumph for grassroots British filmmaking.

Follow the progress of Ghanimah on INSTAGRAM!

Director Karan Talwar is a graduate of Durham University and has worked with MADE — a charitable organization with an overall vision to contribute to reducing discrimination against BAME & LGBTQ+ Londoners. Working for companies such as Origin Pictures and 42 Management and Production, Karan has now produced his debut short movie that is attracting interest from film festivals worldwide.

Karan said: “It feels great to release my debut short film and tackle such a niche and controversial subject. I’ve always had a passion for filmmaking, ever since growing up in my Grandfather’s video shop (my Grandfather was from Liverpool), and believe that film should make the viewer think and feel deeply. I’m honoured to say that Ghanimah does that and the feedback so far has been very positive.

He continued: “I must also give thanks to my Co-Producer Adi Alfa — she is from Liverpool so it’s like going full circle thinking back to my days as a youth in my Grandfather’s video shop. I’m excited to see how the film does at film festivals and then to use this debut as a springboard for some exciting projects I have in the pipeline.”

Follow the progress of Ghanimah on INSTAGRAM!

La Vida Liverpool online magazine owner Justin Hopper said: “This short movie is powerful, thought provoking and evocative. I’d expect a huge response for this in film festivals. Talwar covers a very interesting subject masterfully, with so many emotions going on at once — it’s drama at its finest. A masterpiece and a sign of things to come from Karan Talwar.”

Follow the progress of Ghanimah on INSTAGRAM!

Ghanimah is being lined up for a number of film festivals throughout the UK, before being released later in 2023. People are able to follow the progress of the short film via its website and Instagram page — with some other exciting projects from Karan Talwar also in the pipeline.

Check out Ghanimah on the Film Freeway website HERE!

Follow the progress of Ghanimah on INSTAGRAM!

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