An exciting new dining concept is coming to Liverpool One very soon! Smoke & Dough is set to offer Liverpool’s food lovers an experience like no other and in this feature we bring you details of what it’s about, what’s on the menu and why you need to give this fantastic new restaurant a try!

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What’s Smoke & Dough about?

Coming soon, Smoke & Dough will open its first restaurant in Liverpool One where the old Red Hot Buffet was located — overlooking Chavasse Park. Bringing something quite unique to Liverpool city centre, Smoke & Dough takes diners on a culinary journey in a relaxed informal environment.

The exciting new BBQ restaurant offers a 2 course set menu consisting of a sharing selection of salad, vegetables, cold meats, breads, pizza and dips to start, followed by meat on a grill for the main course. There’ll also be vegetarian and vegan options, a delicious range of desserts and a classy wine and cocktail bar with master mixologists.

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How does it work?

The 2 course set menu can be enjoyed for lunch or for dinner. For your first course, sample a colourful sharing selection of salad, vegetables, cold meats, breads, sourdough pizza and dips, but ensure you save room for the mouth watering main course as it’s a lavish offering!

When you’re ready for your main course, meats are brought to the lava pit on your table so you can grill them to your personal taste. You control the service of the skewers and meats replenishment and the chefs/servers will keep replenishing the meats until you wish to pause the service. Enjoy a choice of three meats for lunch or five for dinner.

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A chat with the owner….

We spoke with Co-founder Sachin Bajpai who told us: “We’re thoroughly excited to be opening our first restaurant in the thriving Liverpool One. There are already many great options for dining at Liverpool One and we believe our new concept will be well received as it’s different, fun and offers quality and value for money.”

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Why we love Smoke & Dough….

Here at La Vida Liverpool, we love new restaurants — particularly ones that bring a new concept to the table. We love this fantastic value offering from Smoke & Dough — a two course mouth watering feast in a fun, relaxed environment with desserts available and a classy wine and cocktail bar. We can’t wait for Smoke & Dough to open and we’ll be letting you know as soon as it is!

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