As Editor of La Vida Liverpool online magazine, I love to frequent some of the cracking venues in New Brighton’s Victoria Quarter — where our office is based. On Saturday 3rd November I went to see the super talented loop artist, John Wynne, play at The James Atherton tavern and what I caught on camera was rather weird!

The video with orbs in….

On the night in question it had been the Day Of The Dead festival. The Victoria Quarter was buzzing with activity and some of those who attended the event continued to celebrate at The James Atherton. Knowing what a great entertainer John Wynne is, I grabbed a seat close to the action and took a few videos of his performance.

A video without orbs….

It was a fantastic evening as ever at The James Atherton and the next day I decided to share a few videos of John Wynne on Facebook — only for his brother Richie to point out strange objects darting across the screen. This phenomena known as ‘orbs’ has been explained as dust, light particles, residual energy or something more ghostly but there are reasons we think this particular instance is rather spooky.

The video with orbs in….

It seems odd that this happened on the night of the Day Of The Dead festival. Even more so that it happened only on his ‘Staying Alive’ video and in none of the other videos. Why would these ‘orbs’ occur in one video and not the others? Whilst investigating, we spoke with some of the staff at The James Atherton tavern.

A video without orbs….

Team member Toni Wilson told us: “There’s been a case where two people on shift heard noise on the stairs upstairs and on the Day Of The Dead night we found loads of rubbish on those stairs randomly. In the boiler room downstairs two of the guys here have felt a strange energy or feeling. It’s difficult to explain but there’s definitely something going on here.”

The video with orbs in….

Whatever the reason for these strange objects darting across the screen, it’s funny that it happened after the Day Of The Dead festival in a venue that has had reports of weird happenings — and in a Stayin’ Alive video, not others. Make of it what you will but it’s a true story and a great one at that haha!

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