In case you haven’t heard, the UK’s first Only Fools and Horses themed bar has opened on Seel Street in Liverpool! The unique bar with a huge Paul Curtis mural on the side that’s open 7 days a week has been taking the city by storm, with a number of fascinating features and a quality soundtrack. In this feature we bring you 5 reasons to visit this amazing place….

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The Bar Prop….

We all know that classic scene where Del Boy goes to casually lean on the bar and falls through the hatch that’s open! Well, at Only Fools Bar you can recreate that hilarious scene by leaning into the open hatch in their classic ‘Nag’s Head’ area of the bar. See if you can do it naturally without flinching — don’t worry, there’s a mat to catch your fall!

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The Sets….

Only Fools Bar has some classic sets to explore. Relax with a drink in Del Boy’s living room or get frisky in his bedroom with your own ‘Raquel’, or simply enjoy a pint at The Nag’s Head — decorated in the classic pub style. You’ll find a piano at The Nag’s Head, plenty of Del Boy’s photos around and televisions playing classic episodes.

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Take a Robin Reliant selfie….

An Only Fools and Horses themed bar wouldn’t be right without a Robin Reliant! At Only Fools Bar you can have a selfie in his famous car that’s parked right in the centre of the first section of the bar. His legendary 3 wheeler is synonymous with the classic comedy series and here you have the chance to get in it yourself!

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The drinks and Del Boy cocktails….

Liverpool’s very own ‘Nag’s Head’ at Only Fools Bar has a huge range of drinks including their own ‘Trotter’s London Gin’. If you want to really push the boat out though — have a themed cocktail! With cocktails such as a ‘Lovely Jubbly’, a ‘Del Boy’ and a ‘Midnight At Marlene’s’, there’s an interesting concoction for everyone! They also offer cocktail masterclasses for £25!

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Live music….

In addition to having a top soundtrack spanning the decades of Only Fools and Horses being aired (you can expect a quality playlist at all times), they have live music on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. With top local artists playing belters that we all know and love, it’s a great place to visit for live music! There’s an open mic night coming soon too!

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If you’ve not yet checked out this quirky Liverpool attraction then we highly recommend a visit! With so much to immerse yourself in, it’s much more than just a bar and people have been visiting from all over the country to visit it. Once you’ve finished there, why not check out the sister bar, Ball’s Deep — the ball pit and cocktail bar below it. Amazing stuff!

Only Fools Bar & Balls Deep Bar / 21 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4AU

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