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Here at La Vida Liverpool, we’re delighted to have an office in the heart of New Brighton’s vibrant new Victoria Quarter regeneration project. It’s been great to see a variety of fascinating street art popping up in the area and in this feature we bring you the man and the story behind the latest piece.

Check out Angry Dan’s WEBSITE!

The fun new piece is a pirate ship painted on the side of the James Atherton tavern, with a poem on it about a pirate named Jade who buried treasure under New Brighton parade. It was designed by Angry Dan — a street artist from London who travelled up to paint it especially for the project. Here we catch up with him to ask him a few questions….

Check out Angry Dan on INSTAGRAM!

LVL: So who is Angry Dan?

Angry Dan: I’m a poet and street artist from London. I write songs and stories too, but more recently I’ve been painting my limericks in public spaces.

LVL: What’s the name all about?

Angry Dan: I just think it sounds funny!

Check out Angry Dan’s WEBSITE!

LVL: What are your thoughts on Banksy?

Angry Dan: Banksy gets a lot of criticism but there’s no denying that he’s transformed the public attitude towards street art. There’s so much amazing work going up all the time now, and people are always friendly and supportive when they stop to chat.

Check out Angry Dan on INSTAGRAM!

LVL: What’s the new piece all about?

Angry Dan: I wanted to write something that would get the local kids thinking. When Alexander Marra got in touch to ask if I would paint something up here, he was really enthusiastic about the history of New Brighton as a place where pirates would come and do their dealings and stash loot. While I was painting, three separate people came up to say that there’s already a story in local folklore about some treasure under the parade. I’ve no idea how true that might be, but it’s amusing to think that I’ve added to the legend just a little bit.

Check out Angry Dan’s WEBSITE!

LVL: What do you think of this New Brighton project?

Angry Dan: I’ve been blown away by what’s been happening up here. What Dan Davies and his team at Rockpoint Leisure are doing is going to improve the lives of so many people, and I’m so happy to be a part of it.


Check out Angry Dan’s WEBSITE!

Check out Angry Dan on INSTAGRAM!

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