Here at La Vida Liverpool, we love introducing you the finest musical talent our region has to offer, from bands to solo artists — spanning various genres. In this feature, we talk to rapper Mikey Marvz following the release of his debut album, The Incredible Pain — a powerful and meaningful album with hard hitting tracks about real life struggles….

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LVL: So, what have you been up to recently?

Mikey: Recently my time has been consumed by writing a lot of music. With the current situation in the world right now the studio has been shut an any gigs I had were postponed so just been using this time really to write as much as I can and just try and better myself as a musician — practicing my singing a lot now.

I’ve been looking to collaborate more with Rakeem Abiru on that great R n B vibe he brings so yeah just trying to get ready for when the world does start spinning again. I also recently released my album The Incredible Pain on all digital outlets, so just been doing a lot of promotion for that as well.

Check out Mikey’s new album on SPOTIFY!

LVL: What’s the new album about?

Mikey:  I wanted to do the album about where I am in life now and where I am going but kind of think that’s cliche now and it’s what everyone does, so I’ve had this idea of doing an album about where I or other people could’ve ended up if I didn’t chase music or made specific choices differently in my life and where that might have taken me and ultimately how the choices you make shape you as a person.

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LVL: How did you get into rapping and making music?

Mikey: From a young age I was always really intrigued and mesmerised by lyrics and good musicians. I remember in high school listening to Scouse house dance music with fast paced lyrics over the top and I loved it, so I started trying to copy their words and see if I could physically say the things that they were saying.

When I learnt I could, I started writing my own and then a little later in high school I remember being introduced to Tupac the rest is history. My friend Luke Barrat used to burn CDs at home for me and bring them to school for me and one day he got me a Tupac CD and from there I slowly began my obsession which would eventually unravel into a career.

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LVL: Who are your main inspirations?

Mikey: My first main inspiration was Tupac and at the time of me being in high school Eminem was at the height of his career so he also undoubtedly had an effect in terms of inspiration. I’d say today the people I look at now and think ‘wow I wanna be there or I wanna achieve that’ are J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

That’s on a global scale but if we were to break it down locally I see people like Aystar from Liverpool, just a young lad from a local council estate like me has gained massive popularity and produces great music so yeah, Aystar on a local scale.

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LVL: What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into the industry?

MikeyI think the best advice anyone can have is just determination, so my advice would be if you’re doing what you love and you know in your heart this is what you’re here for, then don’t ever give up, no matter how much pain or rejection you endure. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do it, chase your dreams relentlessly and you just might be surprised at where you end up.

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LVL: What are your plans for the future?

Mikey: My first headline show was cancelled as a result of this crazy situation were in so just looking to really push forward with shows, get my first headline done and just get around a bit have some fun. I’ve been in talks with Circle Studios in Birmingham over a publishing deal with a couple of the tracks but because of license problems we have been unable to close the deal, so we’ll be looking at great producers to join the team for next year and start getting bigger and better all round and start working on the second album.

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