With more and more people refusing to live in fear of the coronavirus crisis and Liverpool winning the league for the first time in 30 years, there’s a great feeling of hope and optimism in our city at the moment. This energy is captured perfectly by one of our favourite local artists, Jimmy Coburn, with his latest summer single: She’s My Rock N Roll World — an absolute belter that demands being played full blast!

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Here at La Vida Liverpool, we’re huge fans of Jimmy — an exceptional solo artist and song writer who also plays John Lennon in The Cavern Club Beatles. His new single is a true summer anthem in every sense, with a feel good, catchy vibe that exudes love and Scouse charisma at its finest. We catch up with Jimmy to talk about his single, what he’s been up to and what his plans are for the future….

LVL: So, what have you been up to recently?

Jimmy: I’ve mostly been writing and recording ideas for my new album and making demos. 

LVL: How has the crisis and lockdown affected you as a musician?

Jimmy: It’s all about keeping on top of your mood and remain positive and keeping busy….loads of running and walking too. I must thank my friend and sponsors, Darryl and Michael from Michael Franks salons in Liverpool, for their ongoing support through this too. It’s important to have the right people behind you.

LVL: So, what’s the new single all about? Is there a story behind it?

Jimmy: The new single Is based on me being in town in some bar and this couple were arguing outside and I intervened and said: “Listen, come on, we all argue with drink and it will be fine in the morning”. He went after her and they made up and I said stick together mate she’s your “world” and then I named it ‘She’s My Rock N Roll world cos they where a cool couple.”

LVL: Describe the new single in 3 words.

Jimmy: Catchy. Upbeat. Positive.

LVL: What are your plans with The Cavern Club Beatles?

Jimmy: Just to continue the shows and do our tours which we do a few times of year.

LVL: It must be quite surreal being close to Julia, John Lennon’s sister, and receiving so much praise from her?

Jimmy: Julia is a fascinating person and to be from Liverpool portraying her brother is an honour. She’s a really good friend and I’m so happy to know her.

LVL: What are your solo plans?

JimmyI plan to tour this album when finished and play the last album too as it will be good to have a lot more material this time around.

There are so many talented musicians in our region and this is something we must celebrate, alongside Liverpool winning the league and moving on from Covid and racism. Jimmy’s new track is a great symbol of love and all the good things about Liverpool — so let’s crank the volume up and say ‘fuck it’ to all our fears! Here’s to the summer, here’s to love and here’s to the future!

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