We’ve all heard about Man v Food and hopefully we’ve all heard about Man v Chicken following our feature on the all you can eat southern fried chicken deal at Red Dog Saloon on Wednesdays. Well, now we bring you Man v Hog as we return to Bold Street’s American smokehouse for a ‘hog off’ with their new ‘Whole Hog Sunday’ offer. Hickory smoked chopped pork shoulder, St. Louis cut ribs, hot links (sausages), fries, pickles, slaw and bread for £14.50 — what could possibly go wrong?

As we told you in our last feature, Red Dog Saloon is one of the best kept secrets in the city as regards great offers! The fantastic Wednesday offer that we enjoyed last time is still going strong — all you can eat Southern Fried Chicken served with fries, pit beans, coleslaw and pitchers of ice tea for just £14.95 (upgrade to bottomless alcoholic ice tea for £9.99). On Sundays kids eat free with paying adults. They have a classic and house cocktail offer of 2 for £10 at their swish bar all day every day. If you’re looking for somewhere to have a Christmas party, their Christmas set menus are fantastic value for money. Their latest offering is the ‘Whole Hog Sunday’ offer and we got right on the case to check it out!

In the last Man v Chicken challenge, I brought James with me and consequently lost due to him consuming far more chicken than I. I wasn’t feeling well at the time, so feel I was disadvantaged. This time I was hell bent on revenge and determined to upstage him and become Don Hopper, ‘The Hogfather’! As Don Corleone famously said, “revenge is a dish best served cold”, however this revenge was about to come in a nice, warm dish — consisting of an array of various pork delights — as Red Dog Saloon had made us an offer we couldn’t refuse!

As with last time, we arrived at Red Dog Saloon at midday — nice and early to allow plenty of time for an all out hog fest! Once again, we were impressed by the vast open plan space with high ceilings and gorgeous modern wood decor. We were greeted by the lovely Amy (our previous host, Bat, had perhaps strategically avoided our visit) and shown to a cosy booth near the large bar area. Feel good music such as James Brown got us nicely in the mood for our ‘hog off’, as did the sight of gargantuan burgers being served to the table next to us — not long now!

We enjoyed a couple of Red Dog Saloon’s alcoholic ice teas and checked out the cowboy and saloon memorabilia on the walls before Amy and Sabrina arrived at our booth with an abundance of mouthwatering pork delights. I had rather foolishly had a quarter pounder in the early hours the night before but I was determined this time to destroy everything in front of me and do it quicker and better than my opponent. Don Corleone once said “great men are not born great, they grow great”, and this Hogfather was about to grow enormous!

It’s always tough knowing where to start with a giant platter of meat at Red Dog Saloon, but I started with the St. Louis cut ribs — juicy strips of pork ribs coated in a sweet seasoning. In no time at all, James had stripped all the meat from his two ribs — putting me to shame already. Next up was the hickory smoked chopped pork shoulder — soft and warm pork that I decided to pack in between the bread buns with onion and pickles. The sausage that followed was delightful but whereas I was slowing a little and becoming fat, James showed no signs of slowing and yet again the food seemed to have no impact on his lean figure.

James was ahead however he had seemed to have forgotten about his fries! The place was getting busier as I chewed laboriously on my sausage — I could see the bulging eyes and chomping jaws of people on other tables devouring oversized feasts. I had to get through this. As I moved on to the fries, I unbuckled my belt in a vain attempt to squeeze more into my bursting belly — alas, James had finished before me with ease. Another fantastic Red Dog Saloon challenge however another defeat for me and no title of ‘The Hogfather’ this time. I was dying to say “every hog has its day” to James in the style of Tony Montana but due to my loss and full stomach I didn’t have much to say. Instead, we enjoyed White Russians whilst I admitted defeat — again.

So, another Red Dog Saloon visit, another challenge accepted and another day spent looking heavily pregnant. If you’re looking for quality American smokehouse food in the city centre, we highly recommend Red Dog Saloon for their quality and great value offers. There’s the all you can eat southern fried chicken offer on Wednesdays, 2 for £10 cocktails at all times, kids eat free on Sundays and now this amazing ‘Whole Hog Sunday’ offerRed Dog Saloon is becoming more and more popular for big group bookings too. Even if you just fancy a drink or cocktail at the bar — pop in and meet their friendly staff as you’ll be made very welcome!

Red Dog Saloon / 66 Bold Street / Liverpool / L1 4EU / 0151 363 6792

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