The pharmaceutical industry is an extremely lucrative global business, but needs sick and dying people like cash cows. But what if we’re not being told all the facts and the drugs meant to help us are making us slaves to the powers that be? What if the pharmaceutical industry is in actuality playing out  ‘the biggest heist on humanity?’

The Hygieia Outliers is a ground breaking new novel from a local Liverpool writer, who explores this very concept — one you need to read as it may well make you question everything you thought you knew about big pharma.

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The Hygieia Outliers is the first in a trilogy of fiction novels called The Malebranche Prophecies that uncover the dark secrets of the pharmaceutical world — secrets so scandalous they will make you query medicines and the treatments offered like never before.

If you’re a fan of conspiracy theories and thrillers from authors such as Dan Brown then this is a must read — and even if you’re not, reading this book could change your life!

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Author, Jean-Pierre Gilbert, has over 40 years experience to call upon from his time in the pharmaceutical industry — having held various high level operational positions in all sectors of healthcare.

Through his fascinating series of books and the insights gained through the decades, he exposes a complex web of deceit — revelations of epic proportion played out in a fictional world. The gripping first novel, The Hygieia Outliers, follows one man’s quest for truth and his perilous mission to seek justice.

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The story is set in Chester, but takes the reader on an action packed journey around the globe as Dr Jacob Cammack and his computer hacker friend, Axel Gürtner, stumble into the middle of a trillion dollar conspiracy — guarding information they simply shouldn’t have, they have to protect the data acquired simply to stay alive.

The aim of this sensational novel is to entertain but also to bring information into the public domain on what really constitutes informed consent when it comes to the medicine we take and how readily misinformed GPs are on the drugs they’re supplied and eventually prescribe.

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The Hygieia Outliers had a classy pre-launch event on Friday 10th May at One Fine Day in Liverpool, with an official launch coming soon and release on Kindle and hardback forthcoming via Amazon and in bookshops.

Following this, the second book in the trilogy, The Delphic Maxims, will be released later this year and the final book in the series, sometime in 2020. There’s big plans to go global and already there’s talk of a movie!

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The creation of these thrilling novels is quite a story in itself! Local author Jean-Pierre Gilbert and his team became disillusioned with the current publishing process and the many restrictions in the traditional publishing arena.

They therefore created BigFish Publications, a virtual company providing more creative licence for themselves and other budding writers — a publishing house with a fresh approach that will offer fairer deals and more opportunities to authors going forward, revolutionising the publishing industry in the process.

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Here at La Vida Liverpool we’ll be keeping you up to date with developments of these fascinating novels as Jean-Pierre Gilbert aims to change the world one perspective at a time.

In his words: “The unofficial directive of pharmaceuticals has never been about curing the sick — that’s just part of the sales pitch, for the truth behind the truth is far more sinister, as there’s little revenue in cures — who would ever really care about solutions when there are fortunes to be made in treatments? Sadly, money has become more important than life, trivialising the trauma of death by means of invisible statistical trends.”

Check out The Malebranche Prophecies WEBSITE!

More info and official release coming soon!


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