La Vida Liverpool Poets is a series showcasing some of the best spoken word artists in Liverpool and the North West. There’s an abundance of cool venues and pubs across the North West hosting poetry and open mic nights and at these nights you’ll discover highly talented wordsmiths sharing their creativity with the audience. La Vida Liverpool Poets aims to capture these maestros on film and provide performance poets with a bigger audience and a platform to showcase their ways with words. In this article we bring you Ged Thompson.

Ged Thompson is a Liverpool poet and author who makes words come alive and turns magic and myth into reality. As a poet, he has performed for years at local events such as The Poetry Spoke and Rhymes & Records, across many Liverpool venues, and is revered for his powerful and poignant poetry. Ged has an amazing ability to see the beauty in things and capture the little things that others wouldn’t necessarily pick up on and his observations of life and love are both ingenious and heart warming. His delicate approach and soft deliverance demands the attention of the audience.

As well as being a performance poet, Ged is also a published author. His first book, ‘Middle Earth Magic’, a book of poetry and fairy tales for children and adults alike, has received great acclaim and sold copies internationally. His second book, ‘Diaries Of A Man That Believes In Angels’, is based upon diary entries about the things he witnesses in his day to day life and is due to be released in 2018. In addition to performance poetry and writing books, Ged runs poetry workshops in schools and nursing homes.


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