Merseyside has a new music talent and she’s destined for big things! Dubbed the new Taylor Swift, 16-year-old singer/songwriter Megan Louise is one of the most exciting young acts to come from our region for years and it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing her name in lights on the global stage.

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Megan Louise released her debut single, Train Song, in August 2018 and it received critical acclaim, going into the new UK iTunes Country Chart at No.3. With over a million listeners reached with radio play in her first 3 weeks, Megan has performed live sets and has been interviewed on many of the biggest national/regional radio stations in the UK, including BBC Radio 2, Under the Apple Tree Sessions with “Whispering Bob Harris” and Chris Country.

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Megan Louise is soon to release two new singles and will be showcasing these alongside more original material at the British Country Music Festival in September, “Pride” (Doncaster) and other yet to be announced Country Music festivals this summer.

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The video for ‘Train Song’ has also been featured on several shows on Europe’s only Country TV station, ‘Keep it Country’. Most recently Megan Louise has been featured on regional TV channel Granada TV, performing live and being interviewed as part of a showcase of her music.

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With comparisons to Taylor Swift, LeAnn Rimes and Britney Spears, following her last two sold-out gigs in Germany in April and December 2018 the newspapers were hailing her as ‘the UK’s answer to Taylor Swift’. Vocally, Megan Louise has been compared to LeAnn Rimes and when she performed on The Voice Kids at the age of 14, said she reminded him of “a younger Britney Spears.”

Check out Megan Louise’s WEBSITE!

We caught up with Megan to ask her a few questions….

LVL: How did you get into singing and songwriting?

Megan: I had a tough time in primary school so I used to write poems about my favourite cartoon characters and TV shows. My Mum then got me a rhyming book of poems about pets and so I started writing songs at the age of 9. I was into singing from the age of 4 — performing in theatre. I taught myself guitar as I saw a friend who had one so kind of copied her and by the age of 11 I rolled the singing, songwriting and guitar playing into one and started gigging!

LVL: Who were your main inspirations?

Megan: Country singers such as Carrie Underwood definitely but even people who aren’t such as Ed Sheeran — the way he gets on stage in front of all those people, just him and his guitar, is inspiring. Also the people of the British Country scene such as Catherine McGrath, The Shires and Ward Thomas.

LVL: How have you managed to balance your music and school life?

Megan: It’s been hard and my parents always said to do my homework and get good grades and the music will follow. I have been gigging a lot whilst studying but I got good GCSEs and balanced it quite well.

LVL: What are your most memorable moments of your young music career so far?

Megan: So many already! I loved playing the Philharmonic supporting Beau Dermot– the acoustics in that room are amazing! Also in Germany to see so many people come to see just me was overwhelming — hearing them all singing Train Song back to me was unreal! Also going to Bob Harris’ Under The Apple Tree studios was an amazing experience!

LVL: What are your plans for the rest of 2019 and the future?

Megan: So many plans for the future! For the rest of this year I have the British County Music Festival in Blackpool, I’m going back to Germany in October, there’s Pride in Doncaster and so many more gigs. Keep up to date via my website or Facebook page!


Check out Megan Louise’s WEBSITE!

Check out Megan Louise on FACEBOOK!

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